Alphabet of Life–C is for Community

You can’t do life only alone. And you can’t do life only together.

There are some things in life that you and I will always face and do alone, like being born. And dying. And going to a job interview. And getting behind the wheel the first time. And going through surgery. And standing before God. Especially standing before God.

No one can take your place, and you can’t avoid these moments. They are yours and yours alone. To shine, or not to shine. To win or to give up. There will be no one else to blame or praise.

This is #3 in a 26-part series entitled THE ALPHABET OF LIFE that you can find every Thursday at Womanhood with Purpose. Please click here to finish reading! 

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

one thousand#449 An unexpected encouraging text from my friend Carol

#448 A great book that keeps me reading, River Rising

#447 Hot tea

#446 Time to cozy up in front of a fire at home 



  1. It does take a community to raise a child, and we were all at one time children. When we become adults, responsibility for our personhood switches to our own selves. But we don’t go off into the wilderness on our own for good. Our community is still there. How cool is that? :O)


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