Every day has its feel.

Thursdays are exciting because the week-end is just a few steps away, and I feel like I can shed my game face and relax.  Mondays are filled with the energy of new beginnings.

And every season has its feel. Aromas, foods, specific weather and traditions.

Seasons kind of center me in life.

And every friendship has its own feel and ways of expressing itself. There are the giggly friends, and those with whom I can be real down to my toes, and those whose masks never get taken down.

I have lots of favorites, and each one has a different feel.

My favorite moment in the week is probably Saturday morning when I hear my husband grinding the strong European coffee beans and I know I can be very, very slow for an hour or two. Coffee tastes best on Saturday mornings.

My favorite spot in the yard is the hammock that bids me to come. It’s not easy to get on it, but the view of the trees from down up is amazing, and I hear the flutter of leaves and the chirping of birds, and life is just deliciously happening.

My favorite room in our home is the sun room where I am surrounded by nature.  Whether snow, or raining leaves, oppressive sun or light breeze, I am a tiny human in the midst of an artist’s grandiose work, and I love it.

My favorite color is sage green—or burned orange, depending on my mood.

My favorite song is Summer Time– always. No mood can change that.

My favorite pair of jeans the one that’s old, washed out, and feels loose after a day of wearing

My favorite dessert is cheesecake, or carrot cake, or pumpkin something; I guess that one depends on … just my feelings at the moment.

My favorite verse in the Bible is Psalm 81:10. But sometimes it’s something else.

My favorite vacation spot is Maine’s coast where there are crashing waves and lots of lobster to share with friends.

My favorite event of the year is probably Christmas Eve.

In a way, all my favorites are tied to the memories they evoke, the positive emotions they stir up. They rank above all others.

There is no “probably” or “maybe” about my favorite moment of the day; it is as sure as sure can be–there’s nothing better than this one, not in a million years. It involves going out into my garage, where I lace my shoes, get into my car and then drive a few miles to my spot where I park.

Follow Me on Pinterest  My hour alone with Jesus has just started. I walk down the field into the woods where all of nature is waiting for me. Taking a deep breath, I listen to the birds praising their Maker. Their voices are full of joy, unhindered and filled with worship. I join the orchestra within a few minutes, and we simply tell God how amazing He is. Eventually the birds quiet down. Nature forgets that I am there; I blend in.

I get all quiet inside. I revel in the silence. And then, sometimes I whisper and tell the Lord how much I love Him, and sometimes I sob and let Him into my broken heart. He listens, He comforts, He guides, He instructs. And we just walk. One step at a time. One step after another. I can’t talk during the steep hills, so I just pant for a while. When the path becomes leveled again, I continue my conversation with the Holy One.

My very favorite part of my favorite moment of the day comes about half-way through the walk after four pretty tough hills. I find myself in a magical place with tall trees all around and moss so soft that I want to lay down. By now I have let go of all my burdens, and I have told Him all my plans, hang-ups, dreams. He knows every corner of my heart, and He owns them all. And He knows that I love Him.

We just walk, God and I, in a comfortable silence.

My heart fills with overwhelming worship when He lets me know that He likes being with me. The Rock of all ages, the Great I AM, the Alpha and the Omega, God Himself…taking a walk with me.

But you know what’s funny? I still fight with myself every day to make the decision to get out there… I had every reason not to. And they seem so valid.

Life is costly. And so are favorites.

Favorites enjoyed come with a price.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#463 The clouds moving so beautifully in the sky today

#462 Listening to my son worshiping God with his piano

#461 A great ending to a fantastic book 

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  1. Loved your description of your time alone with God!! There’s nothing like it, is there? Thanks for linking up with Courtship Connection.


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