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Dear Cold,

I hate you.

There, I said it.

I hate how you attack my cheeks and my forehead and my lips, and how you make my feet feel like they have no feelings, and how my hands itch painfully when you finally leave me alone. I hate how I have to bundle up every time I go to face you, and how you travel all the way to the inside of me. I hate that I hate and dread you. I hate that I have to continually brace myself for my encounters with you. 

But that is only half the truth and you know it as well as I do–I saw you smile while I was writing this last paragraph.

Because as much as I dislike you, I love the beauty that you bring: uncharted snow, iced over trees that make the landscape magical, icicles that seem to be telling a story, sitting by the fireplace with hot cocoa in the evening, the feel of wool against my skin, the luxurious sensation of my furry winter boots, the duvet on my bed, and the glistening blanket that you paint on the lake…

And lentil soup, and warm cobblers, and cuddling in bed, and everything pumpkin and cute leg warmers…

And the good that you do to the earth while it sleeps under your powerful grip…

And the fortitude to not complaint, and the joy of coming in after a frigid walk, and the thrill that comes when the day isn’t quite as cold as expected

Dear Cold, as much as I hate you, I know that I need you. 

Thank you for all that you are to me.


Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

one thousand#466 A long walk with my husband

#469 A great sweaty workout with a friend

#468 My favorite song coming on my Shuffle Ipod

#467 Wonderful heat from the fireplace

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