At Home with Me

God used a very ugly and painful situation to grow a very special friendship with another couple from our church, and we are so past the “I wonder if he/she will think of me if…” stage. We have accepted each other as we are with our quirks, riches and weaknesses, we love to go on vacation together in Maine and eat lots of lobster, and we help each other walk with the Lord.


These friends have a God-given gift of hospitality. I love going to their home where I often nestle into the couch and sigh deeply with contentment. I like it there. I don’t have to put on any kind of a mask. When I am with them, I can ask the difficult questions, I can be myself. When I am not with them, I delight thinking about them, blessing them, planning to be with them. I love them.

I am at home with them.

And then, one day, as I was getting ready to go visit them, I heard my heart asking me this simple question: Is Jesus at home in me?

At home in my heart? At home like I am in these people’s house?

The question took me off guard.  Is Jesus at home in me? And what if He isn’t? What if this heart of mine is too cluttered, too dusty, too messy, too self-righteous? What if, even though He lives there, He isn’t really at home in it? Like “I was so looking forward to coming over and taking off my shoes and nestle on your couch to hang out with you at home?”

What makes my heart a home for Him? And what doesn’t?

The reason my friends’ house is a home to me is the fact that I know I am welcomed there. That’s it. Not welcomed because they have to, but welcomed because they want to. And we love the same Lord. We get each other. We accept each other. We believe each other. There is no suspicion of evil between us.

And what makes my heart a home for Jesus is the very same thing: He is welcomed there. Not because I have to welcome Him there, but because I want to. And I love Him. And I am beginning to get Him. And I respect His position. I believe Him. I don’t mistrust His intentions.

Yes, my heart is a home for Jesus.

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  1. I remember a story from about 25 or 30 years ago that was based on having Jesus in our “house” … and reminding us that that what we watched, read, how we dressed, etc., would possibly make Him want to leave. Know I should still have it here, but have misplaced it/lost it after all this time. But, it’s that good thinking, sharing that needs to hit all of us so we can focus on our Lord with/in us.

    Thanks much…


  2. I really liked the thoughtfulness of this post. You have given me something to think about today of eternal value. Thank you so much!! Thanks also for linking this post up over at WholeHearted Home this week.


  3. […] Pretty softly at first, I sing an old hymn. The words are so good, I find myself singing louder. The hymn turns into a worship song from church, and then I get a bit louder and bolder and make up my own words. I have to stand up and I start to clap. I actually even dance. And every wall of my house feels the joy. […]


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