Lettuce Seeds

I was very curious as to the size of a lettuce seed? And I wondered: how many lettuce seeds there are in a quarter ounce of lettuce seeds? And how much space would I need to grow lettuces from a quarter ounce of lettuce seeds?

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I looked it up. Astounding.

There are 25000 seeds of lettuce in one ounce of seeds, which brings it down to 6250 seeds per quarter ounce. For a quarter ounce of leaf lettuce seed, a farmer needs at least 100 feet of field worth of rows times 300 feet–a third of a football field.

A quarter ounce of lettuce seed. That is so light that you hardly notice it in the palm of your hand.

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And this quarter ounce of leaf lettuce seeds. how many people will it feed? How many trucks will it take to move this crop? How many workers will be employed just harvesting the fruit of this tiny little quarter ounce of lettuce seed that I could hardly feel in my hand?

There is potential in the seed, wouldn’t you say?

I like the possibility that seeds hold.

Power in the tiny. 

Power in the growth.

Potential unlimited.

Seeds:Sacred. Exponential. Extravagant. Dazzling.

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  1. I do hope you are not planning on planting the entire football field with your lettuce seeds. My mother-in-law had a hankering for lettuce and would probably help you devour your harveat. Yesterday I cut our chard back as chard will grow more each time you cut it. Seeds are marvelous. The seed of God’s Word planted in our hearts does also grow. Thank you for sharing at “Tell Me a Story.”


  2. Hello! I love your ponderings about the potential of seeds (and the research put into this). And how directly it relates to the seeds we sow in life….thanks for the words!

    Incidentally, I planted lettuce seeds in the school garden yesterday. But not a 3rd of a football field worth. Can’t wait for it to come to harvest!


  3. Holy smokes, that’s incredible. God is the Master Creator, for sure. Look at how beautifully he designed everything! xo


  4. Simply amazing and incredible to think about. Thanks for sharing this. I live in an apartment so no room for a garden but the local food bank showed how to plant in the reuseable fabric bags from the grocery store. The girl said she had lettuce year round on her patio. Not too pretty but whatever works. I am hoping to try some.
    I enjoyed visiting today from Katherines Corner.
    Have a Blessed Evening,


  5. And sharing a “seed” from the Word in the heart of one person, can bring many, many more to Him through the spreading of the seeds from one to round an about and a million. I’m looking forward to some of that when reaching heaven… will see who were part of my seed dropping or friends I was with who were sharing. Can hardly wait.


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