New Path

I tend to stick with the familiar. I’m old-fashioned that way–when it works, don’t change it.  So when the Lord beckoned me on a different path in my daily walk with Him the other day, I felt a little shaky. Unsettled. Nervous.

“You want me to do what?” I whispered.  But there was no mistake–I know His voice and He knows that I do…

What else could I do but follow His lead?

The path was rough, and I had to be careful where I placed my foot, one step at a time.  The path went uphill for a long, long time. It got quite narrow, and steeper still, and I found my breathing becoming difficult at times.  Sweat poured down my face.  “Really, Lord?”


So I kept going.  Until I came to a rickety old bridge.

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Not quite sure that I would make it across without falling through.

“Really, Lord?”


What else could I do but follow His lead?

And then I saw it.

A waterfall. Breathtakingly beautiful.  A song for my soul, liquid gold for my heart.

I drank its beauty through and through.  “Wow, Lord,” I whispered.

“I know. You are welcome.”

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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  1. That was so precious! God knew you would enjoy this beautiful waterfall. I wonder how much we miss because we fail to take that step and follow his leading even over that bridge that looks like it might collapse. Thanks for sharing at Tell Me a Story.


  2. I love when God invites me on an adventure this way, Barbara–though I do admit I understand that shakiness. It can be unnerving. I’m glad you listened to the beckoning and found the delight he wanted to give to you!


  3. I am so thankful to find your link at Thursday Favorite Things! I am just now reading Ann’s book, and have started my own journal of 1,000 things.

    I’m adding you to my sidebar, I need sisters in Christ to blog with, I’m making a huge change on my blog from “home decor” to “Christ follower.”

    Hugs ~ Mary


  4. Thanks for the encouragement. My family is embarking on a new path and it is scary to me. We are moving to Juneau Alaska this year. I’m stopping by from the Thumping Thursdays hop. Thanks for linking up with us. I am now following you on Facebook.
    We Three Crabs


  5. I liked this!! Your posts are always such a blessing, giving renewal to my heart as I read it. I like how you always end with the things you are thankful for (which reminds me) from Ann Voskamp’s gifts.

    Thank you for sharing this over at WholeHearted Home this week and each week. I think you haven’t added me to your links?


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