and there’s no place to go, because all you see around you is more and more wicked storm

and all you know to do is scream as loud as you can for help, but your voice doesn’t match the screaming of the storm and no one hears your cry, no one comes to the rescue

Edward Munch-The Scream

and people all around don’t see you any longer

and death seems easier than the never-ending fight,

when pretending it’s not there won’t make it go away,

when pain is forever constant and there are no more distractions,

and even hugs don’t touch the raw suffering of the soul that stares you in your face,

and the next breath is excruciating with no relief in sight,

and hope has disappeared,

these things remain:


All He is, all He was and all He’ll ever be

Given to you, so costly, through His blood covenant


Earth-shattering, Undescribable, Unsearchable

That will carry you through all the way till one day

You’ll be home with Him, forever in His arms


Unchanging, Immovable, Unending,

Creative Power above at work down here for you

These are enough. 

Power enough to keep you safe,

Gentleness enough to soothe the pain,

Strength enough to carry you.

Enough to still the storm,

Enough to let you know that He is.

Yes, He is.  

He is enough.

Enough to let your heart find its rest in Him.

Come what may.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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