My Son, Jesus and I

He just sits at the piano and gently touches the keys. At first, he fidgets a bit, as though his hands don’t really know where they want to travel. But then, it’s like revisiting an old friend and the fingers run smoothly and the music fills the room. I am drawn to it, to him, to the call of the music.

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So I tip-toe my way into the living room and quietly lower myself to the couch. And my son, this man of almost thirty years old now, he sits there, eyes closed, heart open to God, singing his heart out, his fingers dancing before God.

And I hold my breath.

And in that moment of holy fellowship, I know that I am invited to join in. So I exhale.  And I let him take me where he is. In that place where nothing matters but the face of God. In that place where my soul remembers truth and is set free from the entanglements that keeps it all caged up. In that place where Jesus dwells.

And I join in the song. But it’s not a song anymore. It’s God visiting with both of us, clothing us with praise, wrapping us in His sweet presence.

The last note lingers and I don’t dare move.

I have just been with God. And my son. All at once.


Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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  1. Wow. I was so very blessed by your post here. Moved, really! To imagine myself someday with my thirty year old son (he is now 11 years old) and in worship—in deep fellowship!! What an inviting and beautiful picture. And, you wrote it beautifully! Thank you! (I found you… by the way…from your link on Ann’s blog. I try to click on the one before me and the one after me… just to taste the thankfulness a bit! )


  2. Dear Barbara
    This time with your Lord and your son reminds me so much of our Lord’s promise that if two or three are gathered in His name, He will be there as well! My youngest takes me on special journeys as well through playing the guitar.
    Much love XX


  3. “And I let him take me where he is…”
    This, this is living in the moment and finding God is there, every time.


  4. Lovely. And, I actually, over the years, have walked this same way when listening to my husband play a piano or organ. I freeze, my heart being lifted to the Lord as I hear the spirits rejoicing/rejoining through the hands of Dave. Makes such a difference when walking through the house. Thanks for sharing. Made me smile and nod my head while thinking of how we are so much alike sometimes… both Uganda, worship, and listening to God-focused musicians.


  5. I’m there with you! And thinking about the days when our children will be in their 30’s – what that will be like to worship together when they’re adults. Such a lovely moment! Thanks for sharing it here.


  6. What a beautiful post! I could almost hear him playing with you :o) My sister used to play the piano and I used to love listening to her! She doesn’t play as often now, but when she does it’s always so nice to hear.


  7. This is so beautiful and I get that! I know how wonderful it is! My son is nearly 25 and I love it when he sits down at the piano and plays worship music (he plays on the team at church). Our beagle, however, hates it and so the music is usually marred by a mournful beagle baying away at the piano.

    But you can’t mar the worship and I love it when I’m doing dishes and he’s playing! 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to “Making Your Home Sing Monday” today! 🙂


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