This feeling sorry for myself, it has to stop.

I have wasted too much time thinking about what I wish I was or had. I have wasted too many hours contemplating me, myself and I. And I have spent too little time involved in the lives of those who need to be touched with kindness, smiled at with love, melted with tenderness freely given.

This feeling sorry for myself, it has to stop.

Birthed in too much looking with the eyes of my flesh at what I want, what I don’t have, what I could have, what others are and look like, grown with too much looking out for myself and not enough looking through the lens of His Word that tells me that all is well with my soul and I lack nothing and I am wonderfully becoming and I ought to rest.This feeling sorry for myself, it is fed with not enough looking around for those who need that which I have, that which God has entrusted to me, that which my heart delights in sharing.

This feeling sorry for myself, it has to stop.

Ithas grown with idle hands and feet and a soul that does not see clearly. It emerged from a heart that hasn’t been carefully looked after, watched over, screened for ticks, and bites, and stains that come from having my feet in the mud of this world where everything screams of self-preservation and fulfillment.

This feeling sorry for myself, it is poison to my tender heart.

And it never matters whether there is one drop or fifty thousand drops, the poison does its job of eating away at all that is pure, delightful and holy about what God created in me.

This feeling sorry for myself, it is crucified only as I look intently at the One who gave up the right to be right, the right to have all that He deserved. The One who gladly, willingly, abundantly gave it all up for the sake of gaining me.

This feeling sorry for myself, it becomes ridiculous, laughable indeed, as I behold His joy in letting go all that He had, all that He could have, all that He enjoyed in order to gain me.

This feeling sorry for myself, it loses its power in the sight of His love.

And this is the way of heaven: not my trying, but my being reduced to a holy humble victorious silence as I behold His love.

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