Going Home

There is something delightful about home.

As my children grew up, I sought to make home the place where they felt safe, where they were free to grow up, where they made memories and became who they are.


But as much as the concept of home is filled with memories, going home is a bit different. Maybe you back to what you remember, people, feelings and atmospheres when you go home, but going home is never behind you. Going home is always moving forward, one step at a time.

In our Christianese jargon, we often call “dying” going home. And rightly so. Because as we leave our earthly tent behind, this is exactly what we are doing: we are going home.

And we all are moving forward, one step at a time, going home one way or another.

And it is wonderful.

Home to God the Father who has loved us from the beginning of time and has inscribed our names in the palm of His hand. Home to Jesus, our wonderful Savior, the Forerunner of us all, the One who purchased redemption for us. Home to Holy Spirit, the sweet Presence of God with us and in us every moment of the day.

Home where we belong.

Home where everything is going to be okay. Forever.

Home where we are safe.

Going home is what I think about when everything is going haywire around me. Not that I don’t want to live down here, but I draw deep comfort from knowing that there is a day coming when all struggles will be over and we will be with Him forever and ever.

Going home is what I think about when I need to remember that I am loved. Not that I don’t know that I am, but when the feelings aren’t there and everything seems to be caving in on me, I draw deep comfort from knowing that there is a day coming when I will forever be in His arms.

Going home is what I think about when my body betrays me. Not that I am not willing to age gracefully, but sometimes the knees hurt and the back doesn’t bend and the hair feels too grey, and I draw deep comfort from knowing that a day is coming when I will put on a new body that forever will be fit unto Him.

The older I get, the better home  looks.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann

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  1. That is comforting to know that we have that to look forward to. Home takes on a whole new meaning when you actually know WHAT you are going home to and WHO you are going home to!

    Thanks so much for linking up to “Making Your Home Sing Monday” today! 🙂


  2. I think about home in the same circumstances. I’m so glad that Daddy told us that one day, we will go home to Him. A few days ago, I prayed: “Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Come quickly.” We’ll done.


  3. I often feel homesick at these same times. God was very kind to tell us what our future holds–eternity with Him. Ahhh. I prayed just a couple of days ago, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Come quickly.”


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