Alphabet of Life-M is for MORE

More is a notion that I have pondered much over the last year because it has affected it much. Wanting more, needing more, realizing that my life rests only in more of Jesus.

More is healthy and unhealthy all at once. For we ought to reach for more, that’s how God made us. Because life itself is all about growth, and depth, and progress, and success, and all of these are wrapped up in the more. And if we stop reaching for more, we have stopped living.

More is healthy and unhealthy all at once. For we ought to be content without the more that we think we need or want. And if we stop seeking the more in order to find life, we have begun to live in a real sense. Because God Himself is the more that will make our hearts sing. Because no other more will satisfy us to the fullest.

Less stuff and more time.

More of Him and less of Me.

In the Alphabet of Life, M is for more. 

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann

One-Thousand-Gifts-3Dleft#559 Being asked by a friend to lunch so she could spend time with me

#560 Finding someone who loves to workout as much as I do

#561 An email from my son asking to pray

#562 The joy of self-control



  1. Lovely and wise post, Barbara!

    We live in a culture where more is better and where people want more than they need. Growing up in Greece, I had a “rich” childhood, because we had enough food to share with others and all of us…children, parents, and grandparents… lived with great love in a tiny little home. We had many books to read, a garden to cultivate and grow
    vegies, fruit, and flowers to share with the whole neighborhood.

    Having less, leaves more room to enjoy life, to share with others, to be and not do.

    Blessings on your journey!


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