In the alphabet of life, N is for nevertheless.

What an interesting word this is. Nevertheless–nonetheless, notwithstanding, however, in spite of that.

I feel lonely; nevertheless, the Lord is with me.

I am in an impossible situation; nevertheless, my God is the God of the impossible, and with Him, nothing is impossible.

I am dying; nevertheless, I live.

I lack wisdom, or strength, or know-how; nevertheless, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I am hungry, and tired, and poor, and weak, and frustrated and discouraged; nevertheless, God has chosen me and put His seal upon my heart. I am His.

God’s neverthelesses are the announcement that just like a coin is not one-sided, so “what is true” has more than one side as well: there is what is true to us in this world, and then there is the truth, which stands forever, despite all other true facts. Above all other facts.

God’s neverthelesses are the announcement that He is the King, and His decrees rule over any other decree that might have been spoken over our lives.

God’s neverthelesses are the announcement that at the end of it all, He wins.

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