The Alphabet of Life–O is for Others

In the Alphabet of Life, O is for OTHERS. Because no matter how hard you may try to escape them at times, our walk down here includes people. Lots of them. All kinds of them. Nice ones, not so nice ones, downright nasty ones. Healthy ones, funny ones, faithful ones, sick ones, lonely ones. Young ones, older ones. People are everywhere, and whether we want to or not, we have to take them into account as we travel through life.

But we people are a funny bunch, don’t you think? We don’t want to need “others.” We want to do it on our own, we want to figure it out alone, we want to be independent.

And God, in His immeasurable and kind wisdom, He simply won’t let us. He always makes sure we can’t quite handle life without “others.” He wants us to need people. Actually, He knows we need to need people.

Because it causes us to see that we are not perfect, or independent, or self-sufficient. We were created to live in community, to ask and receive, to serve and be served, to love sacrificially. And when we love, we are most like Jesus.

And we can’t love without “others.”

In the Alphabet of Life, O is for OTHERS.

Treat others the same way you want them to treat you. Luke 6:31

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann

#585 My umbrella since it simply won’t stop raining

#586 Spring in the air! 



  1. What a good reminder, Barbara, of how much we need others in our lives. God does keep us humble and able to remember this, doesn’t He?


  2. And with having all those “others” around we need to love them not matter and that is so hard sometimes! I pray for more love for people because the Lord commands us to love others and without that love for others we cannot love the Father. There is a scripture for that and I hope I didn’t mess it up too much!


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