Retraining my Mind

Some people call me “the Exercise Nazi.” One of my client even calls my gym, “Helga’s House of Horrors.” Not nice!

But in a way, it’s really a compliment. Because I take my job as a Certified Personal Trainer very, very seriously. And even though my clients and I have loads of fun, we work really, really hard.

700 jacks

I change bodies, I train muscles. Sometimes, it’s painful. And hilarious. But it’s always challenging.

I know my stuff and I get results.  “No pain, no gain” has a lot of truth to it.

get what you work for

But right now, I don’t feel very much like the exercise Nazi. Or Helga. Because for once, I am the one experiencing all the pain. All the training. It’s not all about my muscles, though. It’s my brain. My heart. My emotions.

Bootcamp 101, that’s what I am experiencing right now.

Because when God challenges my thinking beyond what I ever thought was possible and my brain is very, very set in its ways, it’s a tough combination. I kind of clam up.

The little brain inside my head refuses to let itself think a different way. And I find that every ounce of my available energy must be recruited to prey this brain of mine open and force it to shift its focus.

It’s like I am playing tug of war with myself.

And sometimes I lose.

But sometimes I win.

And every time I win, I have a sense of taking ground. Maybe it’s only one inch, mind you, but it’s more one inch than what I had before.

And every time I lose, I remember that God will have the last word. Not my will. Not my brain. Not my emotions. God and God alone. It’s just a matter of time, and His victory will show up all over me.

Yep, bootcamp 101. Bring it on! I read the end of the book.

God wins.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

One-Thousand-Gifts-3Dleft#587 The sun peeking through the clouds this afternoon

#588 God’s victory over my strong opinion

#589 The joy of a my client’s progress today

#590 Tuna steaks for dinner

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  1. I am very glad to hear that professionals also struggle with “stinky” thinking! I am studying to become a group fitness instructor…I got off track for a bit but it is time to get back to it!!! Thanks for your honesty! I am hosting today at my site – swing by and share if you can!


  2. I could understand your tug of war to get the brain to think differently. I needed your words today. Thank you for your honesty in sharing. I always enjoy finding my way here.


  3. “I read the end of the book. God wins.” Just love that!
    Clicked over to read your two linked posts-very nice.

    I am in the midst of reading Bruce Wilkinson’s book “The Prayer of Jabez: Breaking Through to the Blessed Life”.

    Just this morning I read this:
    Your business is the territory God has entrusted to you. He wants you to accept it as a significant opportunity to touch individual lives, the business community, and the larger world for His glory. Asking Him to enlarge that opportunity brings Him only delight.

    There’s lots more great food for thought in the book, too. Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. Ah yes – changing my thoughts is SO much harder than changing my body! I can be stubborn, too. Glad you are looking at it as Bootcamp 101. The end result will be worth this struggle.


  5. Yours & Denise’s post right before yours at UNITE go hand in hand! (Love it when God does that!!) Love it when He speaks His affirmations, “I am in control & all you have to do is let go, and trust me.” Thankful for His grace & for your post today friend! ~ Jen


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