Some people call me “the Exercise Nazi.” One of my client even calls my gym, “Helga’s House of Horrors.” Not nice!

But in a way, it’s really a compliment. Because I take my job as a Certified Personal Trainer very, very seriously. And even though my clients and I have loads of fun, we work really, really hard.

700 jacks

I change bodies, I train muscles. Sometimes, it’s painful. And hilarious. But it’s always challenging.

I know my stuff and I get results.  “No pain, no gain” has a lot of truth to it.

get what you work for

But right now, I don’t feel very much like the exercise Nazi. Or Helga. Because for once, I am the one experiencing all the pain. All the training. It’s not all about my muscles, though. It’s my brain. My heart. My emotions.

Bootcamp 101, that’s what I am experiencing right now.

Because when God challenges my thinking beyond what I ever thought was possible and my brain is very, very set in its ways, it’s a tough combination. I kind of clam up.

The little brain inside my head refuses to let itself think a different way. And I find that every ounce of my available energy must be recruited to prey this brain of mine open and force it to shift its focus.

It’s like I am playing tug of war with myself.

And sometimes I lose.

But sometimes I win.

And every time I win, I have a sense of taking ground. Maybe it’s only one inch, mind you, but it’s more one inch than what I had before.

And every time I lose, I remember that God will have the last word. Not my will. Not my brain. Not my emotions. God and God alone. It’s just a matter of time, and His victory will show up all over me.

Yep, bootcamp 101. Bring it on! I read the end of the book.

God wins.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

One-Thousand-Gifts-3Dleft#587 The sun peeking through the clouds this afternoon

#588 God’s victory over my strong opinion

#589 The joy of a my client’s progress today

#590 Tuna steaks for dinner

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