Winter, and everything is dead.

But little do I know that the sap in the trees, it is revitalizing while the tree sleeps. And the ground frozen solid, it is necessary to kill pesky little insects.

Harsh words, and the relationship is wounded. Cut to the core. Seemingly broken beyond repair.

But little do they know that the pain will make him softer, and the wound will make her determined, and for the first time ever they will see that this marriage is worth fighting for. That this marriage is worth saving.

She wore her knees thin praying for this son of her womb, and things just got worse. Anger, and drugs, and thefts and mistrust filled their home. And her kind words seem to fall on deaf ears, and her boy just got harder and the future looked dead.

But little does she know that her voice fills his mind day in and day out and her kindness is breaking through the fog of addiction and one day he will be whole, and he will thank her.

And the cancer so great that it takes over the baby, and the shell indeed dies, but the child is set free.

And the word-seed of forgiveness spoken to the one who assaulted her and cost her all of her strength, they haunted him all the way to the deepest part of night and caused him to break and confess and be free, really free, for the first time in his life.

And the call of God on your life when you sit in the trailer with no food, and no heat and no hope for tomorrow and you almost laugh it off but you don’t dare just in case it is God indeed. And twenty years later, you are feeding the hungry by the thousands and collecting basket fulls of leftovers.

And Abraham and Sarah, with a womb all dried up, and the promise of a child–a complete impossibility. And things are not as they seem, and Isaac was born.

Things are not as they seem, and Life works in us.

And a King coming down in a manger and rejected by men, spat upon, crucified. And a King coming down in a manger who would one day redeem the whole world by His love. A King coming down in a manger.

Things are not as they seem. I am wonderstruck.

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