The Alphabet of Life– P is for PRAYER

In the Alphabet of Life, P is for prayer. Because prayer is not a litany of words that we speak to ease our conscience, or a ritual to please our bruised egos. And prayer is not a bank machine where you put in your card or your time and you get what you want. Or an unending wishing well.

But prayer is the essence of our intimacy with God, it is the sacred place where we connect with our King, with our elder brother who sits on the throne.

Prayer is not about places, even though there are some spaces where it is easier to be with the Lord. And prayer is not about positions, even though it is good to humble ourselves before Him and bow. And prayer is not about length, or specific words, or procedures that work.

But prayer is the sweet aroma of our coming to the Master, the One who loves us perfectly. It is the melting of our hearts with His, the sweet place of fellowship, the joy that overwhelms when we find Him.

And the amazing mystery is that the King Himself longs to hear our voice in prayer. Delights in our coming. Enjoys to be with us. Rejoices over us.

In the Alphabet of Life, P is for Prayer.

The prayer of the upright is His delight. Proverbs 5:8 

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann:

one thousand#597 A kind repairman!

#598 Homemade bread tonight

#599 Speaking truth without fear



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