May 2013 Letter–Dear Scale,

I have allowed you to torment me long enough.You and I are starting a new relationship as of today. 

It wasn’t your fault, really. All you did was to be. To do what you were made to do. But somehow I have let you hold a ridiculous power over me the last thirty five years of my life. What a waste.  

No more.

socially constructed ideas of beauty

One good thing came out of your daily torment for way too many years. You taught me that I am truly ruled by what I choose to obey. And I l chose to let your number rule me. It determined what kind of a day I was going to have. Every. Single. Morning. Or a few times a day. I submitted all of my emotions, thoughts and actions to it. 

I sought my crown of affirmation from you, and along the way, I had to let go of so many other things that mattered so much more. Like going out with friends. Or spending time worshiping. Or enjoying life freely.

And no matter what, the number you gave me was never ever enough. Even when it was. 

You have determined my worth for way too long.

No more. I am taking back my mind. My body. My affections. My choices.

Thank you for all you have taught me.

Good bye forever,


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