If it wasn’t for the scars on my heart, I would not be able to love you with the gentle forgiveness that you need. 

Thank You Lord for each scar that paved the way for love.

If it wasn’t for the hardness of my heart that He chiseled away bit by bit over the years of training me as His son, I would not understand the hard lines on your face, I would refuse to give you a second chance, and a millionth one like He did for me.

Thank You Lord  for your chisel that paved the way for tenderness.

If it wasn’t for the fire that burned all that I owned and built in me such thankfulness for little things, I would not see the beauty right in front of my eyes.

Thank You Lord for fires that paved the way for joy.

If it wasn’t for depression that plagued my soul so deep and took my breath away more often than I care to remember, I would judge you so quickly, I would stop reaching out, I would simply move on.

Thank You Lord for my pain that paved a way for understanding.

If it wasn’t for my Father, the Master Potter who, with patience and such care, is shaping me today, I would surely lose hope when I look in the mirror.

Thank You Lord for Your work that paves the way for victory.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann

one thousand#624 Scallops for dinner

#625 The giggles of my Power Girls

#626 Seeds and flowers and trees and sunshine in the spring