I blew You a Kiss on Mother’s Day

For my sweet friend Jennie, in delighted memory of her precious mom, Marg Decker, 1927-2013

I blew you a kiss on Mother’s Day, sweet girl, and then I went to heaven. Just like that.

I know that I probably was difficult these last few months.

It was as though heaven was calling me, yet my body wasn’t ready to let go of me, and I struggled some, not always knowing where I stood, torn between what I longed for and your lovely face smiling at me day and night. Your sweet voice singing to me the lullabies I used to rock you to sleep with. Your tender words soothing my being. Your loving hands dressing me patiently.

You have been such a delight to me. You brought me deep joy, sweet girl, and when life down here felt just too difficult, you always knew how to peace this tired heart of mine.

photo (42)

You have been good to me, my daughter. You have done well, sweet girl.

I heard my Savior calling on Sunday, and I finally knew that nothing on earth could hold me any longer.

His voice is irresistible, you know.

He said that it was time. He said that I could let go. He said that I could come home to Him and see His perfect face. He said that all was well.

And my body finally let me go.

I lost my words quite a while ago, you know, so I did the only thing I knew to do: I blew you a kiss.

And then, I went to heaven. Just like that.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

one thousand#634 The beautiful moon last night 

#635 Finding an old picture that made me smile

#636 My daughter finding a dress she needed

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  1. His voice is irresistible,and oh, that we all might hear it as clearly as this gentle lady. To be given someone like her is a fortune counted above rubies, and certainly something for which to be thankful. You have been blessed.


  2. Dear Barbara
    This is so poignantly beautiful!! I never knew a mother this way. Thank you for making your friend’s sorrow a little bit less. I love how this dear saint knew when her Jesus was calling her home.
    Blessings from Unite
    Mia XX


  3. Such a sweet tribute and I am sorry for your friend’s loss! It’s always so hard to lose someone you love and especially a parent. I still miss my dad and it’s been five years. I am blessed to have my mom still alive. Thanks for linking up today!


  4. Wow! You write so beautifully. I could literally feel me in both positions showing that type of love towards my son and being loved on by my mother. What a wonderful post!


  5. With tears in my eyes, I feel like these very words were from my own Mama who left this earth just January 30, 2013. There is comfort here, Barbara, even through my tears. Thank you, ~ linda


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