Dear Traditions,

I am not a traditional kind of girl. I kind of like to break the mold, and do things different. And I get quickly bored with doing the same thing over and over again. Give me variety, and color, and challenges.

I am not a traditional kind of girl. Well, so I thought. Because lately, I have come to appreciate you, dear traditions, and I am not quite sure how that happened. Is it because I am getting older and I cherish the moments and memories more?



You make me look forward to the simple things. Like our weekly Saturday coffee time in the sun room. And having breakfast with Valerie on the last Saturday of each year. And going on our fall week-end with the whole family once a year in the fall. And our very specific Christmas Eve menu and schedule. And sitting outside to catch the first firefly in June. And calling my mom on Saturday mornings. And …

You frame specific events with memories, you wrap them with emotions and you manage to tug at my heart every.single.time. You teach me to delight in anticipation, to pay attention to the moment, to rejoice in the preparation rituals that go with all that you are. 

The more years I wear, the more meaning you have.

And the more years I wear, the more I see the importance of handing you down delicately to my grown-up children who will carry you on to the next generation. Some of you might be lost, some of you might be tweaked, but the essence of you will remain: you bring people together, you make sense of our days, you put smiles on our faces. 

You delight me to pieces. And I am not a traditional kind of girl.

Thank you for all you are to me.



Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann:

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