It is quite astounding, this butterfly effect theory. It basically refers to the idea that a butterfly’s wings might create tiny, tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado in another part of the world. It doesn’t imply that the butterfly created the tornado, just that the flap of its wing created a small change in the conditions, and this change kind of mimicked a domino effect.

But I could have told you about this butterfly effect all on my own, without any fancy measuring instrument.

Because when I lived in a little country called Luxembourg in Europe years and years and years ago because my family moved from Belgium for my dad’s job and I was a messed up teenager filled with anger, hang-ups, unforgiveness and hatred, I met this girl who gave me a book filled with pictures of happy people. People who smiled, and laughed, and raised their hands. People who looked enticingly beautiful. And I had to find out if this was for real or trick photography.

So I went to check them out, these Jesus People whose pictures were in that book, but I met Him, this Jesus whose book it was. And the rest is history. And the rest is His story in my life.

And then I met a man who just happened to be in the Air Force in Europe stationed where I lived because the Navy guy was at lunch when he went to sign up and he was too impatient to wait. And we got married and moved across the ocean to a tiny little town in PA because we believed God called us there. And we made three beautiful babies. And we were poor but God provided. These three babies grew up into strong men and woman of God. One of them is now affecting people in corporate America with his kindness and upright ways, another one is changing the face of the school system in Virginia, and the third is making a way for the survivors of the horrible genocide in Uganda to have hope and a future again.


The butterfly effect indicates that a butterfly wing’s effect can change the direction and/or power of a storm on the other side of the world. My life declares that an ugly larva indeed turns into a butterfly, and its reach is not even measurable. Unless you use grace measurements.

butterfly transformation

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