Life is often about simple trades. I give you money and you give me food. I give my employer my energy, time and know-how and he/she gives me a paycheck. Things are balanced that way. It works. It’s fair. Right?

Yet did you ever notice that when it comes to God’s economy, things are most often backwards? There is still a system of simple exchanges, of giving and receiving, but the rules are all different.

I give Him my worries and He gives me His peace.

I give Him my sin and He gives me His righteousness.

I give Him my sickness and He gives me His health.

I give Him my nasties and He gives me His beauty.

I give Him my soiled clothing and He gives me His robe.

It’s still a system of simple trades, mind you. There is a giving for the getting. I have to let go of what is my hand so that I can receive what is in His.

I let go of anger and He gives me joy.

I let go of unforgiveness and He gives me love.

I let go of self-reliance and He gives me God-reliance.

I let go of my own know-how and He gives me Godly wisdom that no man can withstand.

It’s still a system of simple trades, mind you. There is a giving for the giving.The returns are unfair, though.

I give Him praise and He grants me grace.

I give Him thanks and He grants me eyes that truly see.

I give Him me, and He grants me Himself.

Life with God is so unfair.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann

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