The Alphabet of Life–W is for Walk

Taking my daily walk is akin to sitting with God for 40 minutes every day. He always knows how to speak to me, pointing out certain areas of my life/thinking that need to be addressed,or letting me know how much He enjoys being with me, or speaking to me truths that make my heart overflow with joy.

My daily walk is a very good picture of walking with Him:

~I choose to do it, whether I feel like it or not, but ultimately, I know that He is the One who empowers and motivates me to go.

~It’s delightful work. I put my hand (my feet) to it, but I am so aware that I am helped and in the process, I discover Him.

~As I take time to be with God, He takes time to be with me. As I share my heart with Him, He shares His heart with me.

~As I fellowship with Him step after step, He works a yielded obedience to Him within the deepest part of me.

~As I listen with my heart, He tells me what I need to know in order to operate successfully in the realms of my everyday life.

~As I embrace His presence, He fills me with joy overflowing and full of glory.

~As I pour out my pain before Him, He pours out His ointment and heals me from the inside out.

In the Alphabet of Life, W is for WALKING. 

“Walk while you have the Light, so that darkness will not overtake you.”

John 12:35

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann

one thousand#667  Hot strong coffee in the morning

#668 Insurance for deer damage on my car

#669 Gumbo for dinner tonight, a gift from a friend

#670 Learning to listen to my body



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