One Word 2013: NOW–Funnels

Funnels help me avoid big messes. Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you that I am a very messy person… So funnels are a God-sent to me; they help me pour a large amount of liquid into a skinny container, like when I try to put olive oil into one of those skinny, tall bottles I use for everyday cooking.

I have two of those long, skinny bottles right next to my cooktop, one for my olive oil and one for my balsamic vinegar.

photo (34)

But funnels really help me on another level as well. Because I use them for my brain too. Sometimes, there just is too much information trying to throw itself into my brain all at the same time, and I clam up. It simply won’t all go in there that fast.

So those little brain-funnels, they are very helpful. They come in the form of organizing, prioritizing, focusing, choosing wisely.

And I’ve got heart-funnels too, because I often can’t handle the emotions that life throws at me. I am learning to handle things one at a time.

I am thankful for brain and heart funnels. I really need them. Without them, everything would pour into me all at once, and it kind of would just run down all over me, spill all through me, and very little would remain. Or it would drown me.

Most of the time, I need a slow trickle, kind of like the way an IV gets into the blood. And the funnels, they somehow know how to slow the flow of whatever is trying to get into just enough so that it seeps in a bit at a time.

And the funnels, they know how to direct whatever it is that is getting into me to the right little boxes in my brain. Or in my heart. Just enough for me to be able to handle it. To chew it. To swallow it. To assimilate it. To make it mine. To make it me.

Funnels are wonderful.

Funnels force me to live in the NOW. Because they require patience. And time. And precision. But they get the job done.


Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann

one thousand#674 The beauty of flowers outside

#675 Knowing that my God meets the needs I cannot meet

#676 The warranty on my computer that just crashed

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  1. I need a brain and heart funnel too. Great metaphor, Barbara. And funny that my husband was just wondering where his funnel was yesterday. ha. He’d let a friend borrow his truck after the friend ran out of gas, so we’re guessing the friend used the funnel for that. 🙂


  2. I need these kind of funnels too! I like the slow trickle, Barbara–especially as I get older :). A funnel is a good way to slow down the moments and live in the now for sure. Thanks for reminding me of this good tool!


  3. At first I was like, “Hmm how can funnels possible relate to thankfulness.” Then I read your post and was like, “Holy cow I need more funnels in my life!” Thanks for the awesome insight =)


  4. Barbara…nice analogy. “And the funnels, they somehow know how to slow the flow of whatever is trying to get into just enough so that it seeps in a bit at a time.” So true and sometimes that’s what I need. Thank you for sharing at WJIM. (Oh…my new domain is .net instead of .com in case you want to update it.) Blessings.


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