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Her name is Genesis. She turned 4 in May, lives in Honduras and her job is to clean the house. She has an older brother, and a mom and a dad. Sweet Genesis, did you get to play a bit today?


His name is Zephania. He is 18 years old, lives in Tanzania, goes to middle school, loves art and enjoys singing.  Oh Zephania, how I would love to hear you sing…


Genesis and Zephania. That’s two.

Two of the I don’t know how many children who need our help. Only two. But that’s two.

Genesis and Zephania.

Two beautiful ones for whom Jesus suffered a death-killing death. Two precious ones for whom Jesus rose victoriously.

For such a time as this, God gave me a heart of compassion. 

And I have a dream.

And my dream is so big in my own eyes that I am even afraid of uttering it, for fear that my own disbelieving voice might crush it before it has a chance to grow wings.

The dream is bigger than me, bigger than my pocketbook, bigger than my personal ability to love. But I believe with all my heart that this dream of mine is from God. And I believe with all my heart that dreams ought to grow and become realities as we work together with God and stay obedient. Stay full of grace. Stay thankful.

I have a dream. And because of my dream, we have grown our extended family by two in the last three months.

Genesis and Zephania.

And my dream is to grow my extended family to 100.

I dream of being the glove through which God’s hand would provide food and books, and giggles, and stability, and love to one hundred Genesis’s and Zephania’s. And then some.

I dream of “having” to write 100 letters every week. I would tell each child that he is loved, prayed for, watched over, smiled over many times each day. I would whisper to them that my heart beams with pride and joy when I hear that she is doing well, and that she passed her test, or that he got a new brother. And that he now knows how to write his name.

I dream that the door of my refrigerator will be covered with pictures of little and big ones, yellow, black, white and brown, toothless and full of teeth.

I want to know their stories, and pray over their lovely names, and love and sacrifice for them. Carry each one of them by name in my heart.

And today, I have two. Genesis and Zephania.

I chose Genesis because of her name–she is the first fruit of my dream.

I chose Zephania because of his age–it’s never too late to be loved unto freedom.

I want to choose 98 more. One by one. And then some.

So I am saving my pennies to help with my dream. One by one. Just like God saves us. One by one.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann

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