July 2013 Letter–Dear 54 years

July 2013 Letter: Dear 54 Years,

You entice me to more.
More life, more dreams, more kindness. More challenges, more friends, more breathing. More of what you are made of.

For you are made of the stuff that brings aliveness to me.

As of this very day, I have lived every one of your years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. I have disliked you many times, but I have loved you more. You have challenged me past my comfort zone more often than I wanted to, but I have loved you for it.

Happy Birth Day to me. As God permits, I get to start experiencing year fifty-five today. 


Dear fifty-four years, you have put lines on my face.

And when I looked in the mirror this first morning of year fifty-five, I saw my mother and my father all at once in there. Even though it is an honor of sorts, I don’t like it very much. And I don’t love the fact that you have grown some stiffness in my joints and you won’t let me move the way I used to. I don’t like it a bit.


But I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me, dear fifty-four years. You have managed to temper my judgmental spirit, and you have grown compassion in me. You have taught me that much of what I thought mattered doesn’t, and what really matters is often not seen unless I purposefully look for it. You have guided me in ways I did not expect. You have taught me to be free.

You have gently grown me up.

And you have made my life a quilt.  Not always the prettiest at first sight, but today, as I honor you, I find it beautiful. In a life kind of way. And today as God whispers to me that He wishes me a happy birthday and He loves me to the moon and back, He Himself calls it beautiful. In a life kind of way. And that’s good enough for me.

Dear fifty-four years, you are a collection of defeats, successes, joys, pains, pride and scars.

And by the grace that God supplies, I am ready for this very new year that the Lord is adding to the collection that you are.

Thank You for all that you are to me,


Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

one thousand#690 New mercies today!

#691 Barbecue for supper

#692 All the laundry done

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  1. Happy Birthday Barbara!
    I love what you have shared here. Being a year older than you, I can vouch that there is much wisdom in what you have written. Every single word is so good!!! May God bless you on this day that He gave you life. May He continue to grow you & use you. Thank you for sharing & blessing me! Have a blessed day, friend 🙂
    PS – I was your neighbor at Wisdom Wed. & am grateful that I was!!!


  2. Happy birthday, my bloggy friend! We can’t help but get older, but that doesn’t mean we have to act old. There’s so much to learn every day.


  3. I am 53 so your title caught my eye. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARBARA!!

    And I feel like I could have written your post. Especially here: I have disliked you {or been angry with YOU} many times, but I have loved you more. You have challenged me past my comfort zone more often than I wanted to, but I have loved you for it.

    He is a GOOD GOD and each day He gifts us with lessons of love that birth in us the spirit of Christ. Thanks for this post. Visiting from Womanhood with Purpose Link up.


  4. What a wonderful day to meet you on. I’m sorry I didn’t know you 54, but you’ve made a 55 so I guess I know you too in a way! Happy B-Day & it sounds like a very bright road for you! Have a great day and an awesome weekend! Nice to meet you.


  5. Happy Birthday to you! I’m right behind you, by several years. May #55 be absolutely wonderful, filled with blessings from God. Keep looking, keep counting. . .I’m looking for #1850 🙂


  6. Happy, happy birthday! Thanks for putting into words the joy of turning fifty five. I especially love what you wrote here: you are a collection of defeats, successes, joys, pains, pride and scars.

    I will be there very, very soon, so I appreciate your perspective. 🙂


  7. Happy Birthday! New in the Mama Moment Link up. Some people fear aging, but it is refreshing to see you are embracing it for all the wisdom and beauty that it brings with it. My husband just celebrated 50 and I am not far behind and each day we add something new to what the Lord teaches us. Kim


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