Maddie stood in front of automatic doors for the first time.  And at first she was  plain old terrified.  But then, she decided that those doors are really silly. And fun.

These silly doors, they were like magic under her little feet.

She started dancing back and forth, drunk in the power that her little body has to open those huge doors. And she giggles with pure joy.

Automatic doors are like a giant toy.

When she stepped just a bit to the right, nothing happened. To the left, nothing happened. But when she stood right where she needed to be, right smack in the middle, the door magically opened.

And these automatic doors, they even work for grown-ups. Even they are really, really boring, or way too smart, or ugly, or fat, or rich or poor. The doors just open up when anybody stands at the right spot. Just like that. They even open for dogs. It’s like magic.

But what Maggie doesn’t know yet is that there is absolutely no magic in the doors. Everything is scientifically planned and executed.  Very smart people spent a lot of time making the door mechanism look magical, but it really is not.

And so it is with life. Anybody can be successful in opening the automatic doors of happiness and joy. Even if they are really really young, or really really old. Or Black, or Oriental, or Indian. Or even White.

Because it’s all in positioning ourselves just right. It’s all in following the rules that must be followed and thinking outside the box for the rest. It’s all in making the choices needed so that we stand at the right spot in front of the door.

 And then, it just looks like magic.


Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

one thousand#693 Hosting a successful luncheon

#694 Balancing my checkbook

#695 The Lord waking me up with an answer to a question I asked Him last night. 


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