Sweet Friend,

Life can be hard at times, and I hate that it knocked you down and took your breath away today. Your pain cuts deep within my soul, and my heart can’t pretend I can wipe it all away with a smile and a hug.

There are no quick one-size-fit-all answers….

And as I sit here with you, I think of this friend of mine who has it all: the husband, the money, the kids, the perfect job she always wanted, and yet she is so desperately sad and empty that she can’t have a conversation without breaking into tears… And I think of another friend whose husband has epilepsy, whose father and brother are both dying of cancer and she herself is too sick to hold a job, and she asked me last week, “What else can I endure?”

And my heart is breaking.

And I have no answers. None that pleases the flesh at least.

Because at the end of the road, I know deep in my gut that even if we were to get  what we think we want-need-yearn-for, the emptiness would not go away. Because this life’s joys are so fleeting.

Because at the end of the road, life is really all about our insatiable thirst for intimacy, and the down-here life we live doesn’t offer the depth of what we truly yearn for. Even for those of us who are married and have a good marriage.

This craving for deep, deep intimacy, it won’t be fulfilled until heaven. Because down here, it’s just the shell. It’s just the waiting, the getting ready, the womb.

And if God chooses to add the husband, and the kids, and the job, great. And if God doesn’ t give what we think we need-deserve-must-have-to-survive, He is still God, and we are not.

We must and will remain sold out to Him because that is who we are. Because that is what He deserve.

And as I write these words, I am thinking of those who died in prison for their faith, and they never experienced relief in this life. And I am thinking of my dear friend who is 53 and just now found her soul mate and is planning a wedding but has to have a mastectomy tomorrow.

It’s a desert out there.

And I still believe that we must and will remain sold out to Him. Because that is who He made us to be. Because He is God.

To find our purpose in His pleasure is the only thing that makes sense. This is such a difficult revelation, but also so liberating, isn’t it?

Raw, but rich.

And we find no true joy apart from Him.

Not the gifts, but The Giver.

And He is enough.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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