Dear Friend to Whom I won’t Lie, Part II

Dear Friend to Whom I won’t Lie,

I wrote to you the other day about the fact that without intimacy with God, we really are a simple, empty shell yearning for more, and we never find fulfillment. And this is true regardless of whether we think life has been fair to us or not. Those of us with the best possible life are just as miserable on the inside as those whose lives stink if there is no drinking and eating of sweet fellowship with God Himself. Walking hand in hand with Him.

I also shared with you about how our woes take on a different look when we compare ourselves to other people. Like those who starve to death. Or die for their faith. Or the children who don’t have anyone who calls them by name–you know, the invisible ones.


But today, there is another truth that is burning within me and I cannot let it go. This one has to do with personal responsibilitywe are what we choose to think about ourselves. We really do direct our lives with our thoughts. So when we are attacked and tempted to swallow a few lies and too weak to resist, we start living out of a twisted, unhealthy mind.

So sweet friend to whom I refuse to lie, let me put it this way:

Tragedy happens. Pain is part of the human experience. I know you are desperate for intimacy, and my heart aches for you, but did you maybe forget that intimacy with God really must be your starting place? Every.Single.Time. Because apart from that, neither you nor I have anything.We can’t skip steps in life–it doesn’t work. Messes us all up.

And I know that in your desperation,you might have forgotten some of the riches that are in your life, like food, and a pillow, and a coat, and breath and arms and legs. And there is great joy and fulfillment in the giving of thanks. But then again, this brings us back to intimacy with God, doesn’t it?

And I know this, dear friend: it is time to believe what He says about you. To let it become who you are on the inside. To see yourself as Beloved, Precious, Pursued, Delighted in, Valued. To see yourself as a child of the King. And to live out of that truth. But then again, this brings us back to intimacy with God, doesn’t it?

I am willing to do battle for you. And I have read the end of the book–Jesus wins.

I love you more than you know. Let’s talk soon.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann

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  1. Barbara I think it is great that you are living out loud for God. Amazing actually! I think it would be nice to see your comments on other people’s posts who link up with the Weekend Blog Post Showcase as well. A part of sharing is also taking the time to visit others and giving meaningful feedback as well.


  2. “Jesus wins!” I love that! Yes, we must take Him at His Word and when He says something we need to believe it!

    There is always something worse off or who is struggling more than us. We must always remember to be thankful for what we have, for there is someone out there who would be THRILLED to have what we have, because it’s more than *they* have!

    Thanks for linking up to “Making Your Home Sing Monday” today!


  3. Dear Barbara
    I was just thinking about this earlier tonight! How those who have had it easy in this life always seems to have it all together until I realized that this is so untrue! They might have an easier life, but they often don’t experience the need for a God who is bigger than all their riches, fame or power. And deep inside there is emptiness that nothing this wordl has to offer can fill.
    Great post, thanks.


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