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I totally believe in God, the evil one, the power of hard work and a good attitude. But magic? No, thank you!

But there is just something about the little room we built onto our house a few years back. It used to be a screened-in porch, and we’d sit there in hot summer nights, enjoying the beauty all around us. Until one day, my husband decided that this was going to be a sun room.

“Can you see it? Glass all the way to the top. Heat in the floor and air conditioning. Comfy chairs. Like we’d be outside in a snow storm, but warm. Or in a torrential rains, but dry. Or in the dog days of summer, but cool.”

Yes, I could see it… My heart jumped for joy.

And we built the sun room: floor to ceiling windows on two sides, high ceiling, white paint on what was left of wall; fresh and airy. We furnished it with a leather rocking chair, a cozy chair and two recliners. And a couple of wooden giraffes of course.

It’s a though the outside garden invades our inside space. I love it.

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And it changed my life.

If I believed in magic, I would say that the sun room is enchanted. It has an irresistible way of drawing our souls to itself. It’s a place where the masks can’t remain and real people emerge. It’s a holy place, really.

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If I believed in magic, I would say the sun room is enchanted. My husband and I have practiced hospitality throughout our thirty-three years of marriage, but the sun room changed it all. Because when people now step into our house, they peek beyond the living room into the space where the inside comes in, and they walk themselves over there, whether we lead them or not. And then they sit down, and they sigh. And they smile. Or cry. Or fall asleep. Or giggle. Or breathe deep. And I watch in amazement as the burdens are lightened, the stress is lifted, the living restarted. This sun room, it’s a holy place indeed.

And if believed in magic, I would certainly say that the sun room is enchanted.  We hardly watch television any more. We have rediscovered the art of conversation, the gift of listening. Touchy subjects have been approached, plans have been made, dreams have enlarged us. We have rediscovered each other and given thanks to God. And in this place where time stands still and life is in the Now, prayers have been lifted and heard for children, friends, strangers, churches, countries and siblings.

And as I grow richer in year, I see that there is still more, and I can’t wait.  

And if I believed in magic, I would say that for sure, the sun room is enchanted. But I know better for sure--God has taken residence here. And it is a holy place indeed.

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