Time in His Hands

For you see, My child, time is in My hand.

And who is to say that a life lived within the womb does not have as much value as a life on the outside? And who is to say that this child’s life did not fulfill its purpose in My eyes?

For you see, My tender child, time is in My hand.

And life is life because I create it, not because of its length. And a life lived three years is of as much value as a life lived eighty years.

Or a life lived eight days within the womb.

For you see, sweet child of Mine, the essence of life never lies within what your your hands touch or your eyes may see. Life is life because I choose to create it. Because I choose to cherish it.

I entrusted you with a life for a while, and you loved it so well, favored child of Mine. You did well. And I received it back to Me, this precious life that grew within your womb.

I give time. I give life. I receive time back to Me. I receive life back to Me.

For you see, dear child of My heart, time is in My hand. Life is in My hand.


Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann

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  1. The ways of our world are so different from the ways of Our Lord! I have always been a right to life committed Christian! Thank you for the share.


  2. I so enjoyed this, Barb. There is such rest, peace in realizing He holds it all. In His kindness and overwhelming goodness, He allows us to enjoy the moment. Thanks for this.


  3. How true. When our first child was stillborn, the Lord comforted me by reminding me that eternity is infinitely so much more time than what we spend here in this mortal life. While eternal life starts here, 100 days or 100 years are both such tiny pieces of eternity that there is little difference between the two in the big picture. We who know the Lord have SO much to look forward to when we leave these bodies behind and are with God and with all those in Him who have gone before us (including those who spent their time here only within their mother’s body).


    • Cindy, your perspective is one I’ve never thought of. While I always comforted myself in knowing that babies, even unborn ones, go to heaven, I never followed that thought all the way through to the reality that they will live WAY much longer in Heaven than they did here on earth. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m tucking this gem away for the future comfort of some sad soul.


  4. Barbara, long time no see. I’m been out of commission for awhile.
    I love the way you presented this, juxtaposing the child in the womb with the old soul, depicting the truth that God dwells outside of time, and every life, no matter the length of days, is valuable.

    I’m working on a writing project and currently seeking contributions on the theme of forgiveness, and would love your input. It can be something you’ve already written, or something brand new.

    It can be a favorite quote, a link, an image, a poem, a story, a song … it matters not. Just share what you have.


  5. This is a beautiful reminder of how much God loves each of us, no matter how old or how young, Barbara. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring us to cherish each day of our lives, as well as, each life we are given to nurture and grow.


  6. This brought tears to my eyes… so beautiful and true. Passing this on to a friend, who recently lost a baby. I know she will find comfort in your words.

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us.


  7. Hi Barbara! I am coming over from Monday Musings.

    As the adopted mother of two, and a foster mother to boot, I am a huge fan of life. Good for you for speaking out so gently about the importance of life given by God.

    Nice to see you again! I seen to see you quite a bit on these hops 🙂
    Happy Monday,


  8. My mom just passed away at 93 and I am thankful for every day and wanted more. People don’t understand that it hurts loved ones just as much after 93 years as it does at any age. It is a loss of a life expressing love.


  9. It has been a good 20 years ago, that our daughter miscarried a baby boy. She and her husband were hearbroken, as were we. I believe that unborn baby boy will have the body of a young man when we meet him in heaven. Thank you for sharing today at “Tell Me a Story.”


  10. Barbara, So much power and truth in your words; yet so much sorrow (as I reflect on the world) because many don’t understand this. I wish the world could read and absorb this in their heart. God gives life and takes life. It is always a gift. Thank you, Kim


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