August 2013 Letter–Dear Summer Rain

Dear Summer Rain,

I love you. And when you make yourself scarce, all is scorched and dry, and I miss you terribly.

dry land

You make such a splendid display of yourself, sometimes even causing smoke to rise up from the fields and roads.

And when you make your appearance, you life all that is tired,  wilted or ready to give up. Your gentle violence reminds me of the Spirit of God: day in and day out, He persists in His tender but firm hold on me, and He saturates my soul with living water down to my very core.

I have tried to run between your raindrops without any success, nor can I isolate them, even though each one is an entity of its own.  And so it is with this sweet Spirit of God who is closer than even my breath; He and I are woven together just like that. He breathes life into my breath. He is the air that I take in. He is the wind that I blow out.  He is not me, but He is me.

Sweet Summer Rain, you make my ears glad with the music of your droplets and the giggles of the children who have not yet learned not to jump in your gifts of puddles.


Sweet Summer Rain, you make my nose happy with the fragrance rising from the earth after you are done gifting it with yourself. It fills my being with delight.

Sweet Summer Rain, you do my soul well by reminding me to slow down and enjoy you to the last drop, and to come back to the basic wisdom of the ages: we must live in the Now, because you will be gone ten minutes from now.

Sweet Summer Rain, thank You for all that you are to me,


Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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  1. Good morning, Barb! This made me think of the following quote from 1000 Gifts: “When we lay the soil of our hard lives open to the rain of grace and let joy penetrate our cracked and dry places, let joy soak into our broken skin and deep crevices, life grows.”


  2. Dear Barbara
    Oh, and when our tears mix with the raindrops of His love, life becomes such an adventure! Without this Rain from heaven filling our hearts, the world is a scary place,don’t you think!
    Much love XX


  3. I loved your creative poem and the gentle tone you set. I love a nightime storm with thunder and lightning. I sleep so well if the storm is just right without too much window and the quiet rumbles of thunder. :}


  4. Barbara- I love the journaling technique that you used of writing a letter to summer rain. The conversational tone makes me long for a summer rain…and how your wove in a comparison to the Holy Spirit was beautiful…I never thought about the fact that we have to get drenched if we enter the rain and when we enter the presence of God through His Spirit…great word picture! Thanks!


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