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It’s been going on for a while now, this counting one thousand gifts thing.  I count them on my phone app, I count them on this blog, I count them in my journal. And they have been adding up, one by one. I guess I have counted more than one thousand by now. But I’ve got to keep going. And I am finding each one of these gifts as precious as the next one. Or the next.

Because when I received a dead snake as a gift, it really changed my life.

And when I walk in my woods and smell the wet dirt, it fills my lungs with joy. And when God causes me to call someone and say the very thing that lifts their soul, I am giddy with happiness.

Each gift makes me keenly sensitive to realities I may otherwise overlook. Each gift makes me keely aware of life. Each gift makes me thankful, and that makes me feel alive.

It’s a very deliberate thing, this counting one thousand gifts thing. Because I have to open my eyes, and my ears and my heart. I have to watch for them. And the more I look for them, the more I see them. They are everywhere. I see them in the lighting bugs in the hot summer night, and the free ten minutes in the middle of a crazy-busy day, and the sweet taste of ice cream, and the puddles on the road, and the tomato on my plate, and the pillow for my head.  I am watching, I am anticipating, I am excited. Like finding a treasure, or unearthing a gold coin, or discovering something so beautiful it takes your breath away. I am deliberate, and it is good. It is very good.

It’s a definite God-thing, this counting one thousand gifts. Because in each one of them, I see God. I see His mercy, His kindness, His provision, His faithfulness, His ways. I see His heart. I see that He is closer than our very breath. I see that He loves to display His character is the dead snake, and the wet dirt, and the friends who smiles, and the friend who finds grace when her husband leaves her. And the pain that stops. And the child that lives. And the child that dies and goes home to Him. And the child who hands me a picture of a rainbow and I remember that He is God.

It’s a life-changing thing, this counting one thousand gifts. Because it opens us up to what the eyes can’t always see, and it makes what’s important relevant, the way it ought to. I don’t think I can ever stop.


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