It’s a funny thing, this walking by faith kind of life. Because on the one hand, we really don’t see the eternal things, and we do walk by faith. But on the other hand, my faith is not apart from a relationship with God, and Him, I know real well.

I know Him. I really, really know Him. I even know His preferences in some things. And I am not crazy, mind you.

And I talk with Him. I really, really do. Not at Him, but with Him. Because He talks back. We actually have conversations, God and I. And I am not crazy, mind you.

And I see Him.

Not in body, but I really, really see Him in the mundane things of life. And the more I count my gifts, the more my eyes are open to Him in my everyday life. Like when He revealed to me I made a horrible banking mistake and I could fix it before it was too late; or when He graced me with the most beautiful sunrise on my walk to remind me of His gentle care of me; or when my friend called at the perfect time to shake me out of my self-pity. I see Him. I really, really see Him.

Autumn road

And yet I walk by faith.

And sometimes, I really can’t hear anything, nor do I feel anything, nor do I see anything at all. Zilch. Nada. And all I can do is to hold on to His Word for dear life and let it be the ruling power over my life.


And sometimes, I hear Him say what I don’t want to hear, and I obey Him shaking all the way down to my toes, convinced that if He doesn’t come through, I am finished.

Convinced that He will meet me.

But if it looks like He doesn’t, I am still going to do it, because I walk by faith and not by sight. And I am not crazy, mind you.

Faith was His idea, not mine. And His ways are perfect.

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