Grumpy, pouty, not happy at all and wanting people to fill the void,

Grumpy, fidgety, not happy at all, and expecting food to fill the void,

Grumpy, sourpuss, not happy at all, and yearning for sleep to take me back to being me…

But sleep does not fix me, and food makes me feel worse, and people, they simply  can’t be what I need them to be right now.

And the mirror, it mocks me.

And the Lord calls to me. He says “come.” So I come, curled up on my little chair. And I wait.

And the Lord, He begins to speak to me.

He says that He is the victorious one. He, not I.

And He talks to me about the power of His blood. His, not mine.

And the strength of His presence. His, not mine.

And He reminds me that He is my umbrella. And that He knows how to shade me from the storms, and even the heat.  And I can’t be my own umbrella.

And the Lord, He gently shows me that I have been depending on me, myself and I. And how there is no grace there. And that is why I find myself so frustrated and lost.

And then, He says that He has never ever lost His way, and that it’s O.K. for me to just let myself come back to that place where grace carries me. Where love embraces me. Where fellowship feeds me.

And the Lord, He reminds me that His ways are always perfect.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

one thousand#731 Running errands with my husband

#732 Meeting my CSA farmer and visiting his farm

#733 His Word in my heart

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