Another little Word

My one word for 2013 is NOW.

OneWord2013_NowAnd it has been very good for me. NOW has forced me to slow down, challenged me to live, really, really live in the moment. NOW has also showed me how much I have a tendency to disregard the Now and live in the future, to forget that grace is only for the moment right here, right now in front of me.

And as I cautiously stepped into the second half of 2013 last month, another little word arrested my heart enough to make me pick it up, examine it, smell it, taste it, experience it. To let it do its work in me.

And as I hungrily let it fill my belly, I realized that even though it has more letters and a different dictionary definition, it basically is the same word as my one word for 2013. And I like that. I like that God gets to me through different ways, but He clearly keeps my focus on what He is working into me.

That word? Deliberate.

Deliberate means intentional, purposeful. I deliberately wrote the words you just read. And when I went to visit my friend last week, I did not get to her house by accident. And I listen to my husband on purpose. And I chose to go to bed at 7:30 last night. I totally meant to jump in that puddle.

Deliberate. On purpose. Intentional.

I don’t love by accident, and I don’t stay in love just because. Love is deliberate. Intentional. On purpose.

And God calls me to be deliberate in my living in the Now.

And when I am deliberate in doing what I do, and saying what I say, and choosing what I choose, my life takes on a completely different feel. Because I don’t go to work just because I have to, but I am deliberate in doing my best, in showing kindness, in listening, in performing to the best of my ability. And I go home exhausted but fulfilled. And I don’t enter a conversation just to let words float in the air and listen to my own voice, but I am deliberate in how I listen, in how I respond, in what I say. And I leave the conversation aware that a true exchange has taken place.

Because when I am deliberate, I own my choices. And when I own my choices, I am alive. And when I am alive, I certainly live in the Now. And God is glorified.

Life is really that simple sometimes…

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#734 Flowers from a friend’s garden

#735 A crunchy apple

#736 Cucumber water

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  1. I love the connections you make in this post. It makes me realize that no matter how many ways we look at the world around us, God always has at least one more… one more way to understand it, one more way to learn, one more way to act, to live, to grow, to deal. He doesn’t just open up one window or door – he gives us a universe of possibilities. Thank you for being my guide today… Janet


  2. Wonderful post! I am coming to find that if I am going to live this life of faith & walk in His ways it will not happen by accident. It will only happen as I (we) are deliberate &/or intentional in our relationship with Him. Thank you for this reminder today. I visited from Thankful Thurs. & I am thankful to have read your post!


  3. This post really “spoke” to me. Thinking about how God is glorified as we deliberately live in the now gives me a “yes” in my heart. Loving relationships, whether with God, my spouse, children or friends don’t happen by accident. I needed this reminder.


  4. I love this. I have been trying to be more intentional but often still find that I am swept along in life by the whims and feelings I have from day to day. I love what you have said here about being deliberate and owning our choices, Barbara.
    Thanks for linking up at Essential Fridays. Blessings.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions


  5. Now. Deliberate. These two words fit very nicely together. And when you put love in the mix, it makes me think how many times each day I must choose, right now, to deliberately love my husband, my child, my neighbor. Thank you for your thoughts.


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