September 2013-Dear Harvest

Dear Harvest,

The days are getting shorter already but they are all golden and warm and heavy with the riches of all that you bring. And life is wonderful and slow and hard and exhausting all at once.

You come as an invitation to gather and slow down. To labor and to delight. An invitation to accept the dance of life where we reap from the work of the spring and summer, and we laugh for the joy of having much to share with friends and neighbors, and we slow down to enjoy the taste of tomatoes, and cabbage and butternut squash pie. And the air is sweet, and heavy with satisfaction, celebration. Even the wind seems to be singing the praises of the One who allows us to gather and  enjoy.

And you remind me of how good seasons are. And the seasons, they remind me of time passing, and how it is time to delight in the Now moments of them all. 

And the Now of you, sweet harvest, is all about the rhythms of fall, with the farmer thankful for the fruitful day, and the housewife looking at the jars neatly lined up on the counter and thanking the Lord for the winter provision. And the children come home with backpacks full of homework and new friendships, ready to go jump in leaves and eat crunchy apples.

Dear harvest, you remind me that each season builds on another, and there is a time to delight in the simple reward of labor.

The days are warm and sweet, and I smell pumpkin treats in the air, and the nights are colder now, but peace rests over it all, and it is good. I think I am going to go make an apple pie.

Dear harvest, thank you for all that you are to me. 

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#741 Being able to give hope to a dear friend

#742 Baseball Game with my Church Family

#743 Listening to smooth jazz on a Saturday afternoon

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  1. Hello Barbara!
    I love the way you write, your appreciation of Seasons, your descriptions of Harvest and the smells and comforts of it all! Autumn is my favorite time of year, and I do enjoy the changes of 4 distinct seasons!
    I live in Eagle Idaho now, it has been a long HOT summer!! Being transplanted from the Seattle area, I am missing weather in the 70’s, and tolerating weather in the 90’s!
    Now that September is here..I feel hope 🙂 Trying to hold off on the first loaf of pumpkin bread..first day under 80 degrees…its going in the oven!
    I look forward to following you, if we lived in the same neighborhood..Im pretty sure we would go on walks together and watach the leaves turn colors of flame and cover the path we walk!
    Have a great week!
    Your new friend, Gail


  2. OOps! hit a wrong button! Also wanted to tell you I TOO love Anns book, have most of it underlined and just about worn the thing out!
    My favorite part is when she runs out through the feild after the moon!


  3. Im just getting annoying…dont know if my first comment went through or not….in short, love your writing, and the way you look at seasons and Autumn! Look forward to following you!


  4. This is a lovely post. Fall is a magical time of year and the offerings that the season brings are something I never take for granted. I am so glad to have found this post and see someone else feels the same and isn’t bitter over the end of summer!


  5. I love what you have shared! Truly. I, too, love the change of seasons. Each one has something of its own that I enjoy. But mostly, the change of seasons reminds me that my God never changes. I visited from Wisdom Wed. this morning.
    Have a great Wed.!


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