His name is William, and she is his princess. They raised two children, traveled the world and were looking forward to retiring–enjoying a slower life together.

And then, Alzheimer came in, uninvited. And dementia crawled in. And settled.

And his princess, she began to lose some of herself. Bit by bit.

One morning, the reading was lost. And then the writing went. And then the walking. And then the names. And then the words.

But he promised to love her, and she is his princess. So he loves her. With every ounce of energy within him, he gives her dignity. And care. He brushes her hair with delight. He brushes her teeth. He feeds her.He takes her to get her hair done each Friday. He builds her a special bicycle, and she sits in the front and he pedals in back. And they ride through their town, enjoying the days. Living life.

She is his princess, and he delights in loving her. Not a hero, but a lover. A lover who loves. A lover who understands. A lover who says that he does not want to live forever, but just one day longer than his princess, so he can take care of her until the end.

And his princess, she is like a city at night, and one by one the lights are going out. The city is still there, but it’s just feeling empty.

But his princess, she smiles, because she senses that she is cared for. And she laughs when he tells her that she is his princess. And her cheeks get all rosy when he steals a kiss or two.

And he promised to love her. And he does it so well.

They sit on the porch in the early evening, enjoying the breeze. He tells her stories of their lives, and when it gets chilly, he gently drapes a cardigan over her shoulders, with a smile in his eyes. And he makes her favorite foods and feeds her one bite at a time. Because he is a lover. And as long as they can, they do.

Life, that is.


Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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