It started with my friend Rebekah posting a neat post on her facebook page at the end of the summer 2011: “What we did this summer.” I loved the idea and ran with it…

Yesterday, Rebekah posted this year’s edition of “What we did this summer,” so it is only right for me to post mine.

This summer, my son got married and I cried and I laughed from happiness.


I dog-sat a dachshund for a week, cuddled with one, no, two bulldogs, went on countless walks in the woods, slipped and fell in the woods, sang my heart out in the woods, settled difficult issues by talking to the Lord in the woods, made gluten-free bread for the first time, cried with a friend who lost her baby, realized that the baby wasn’t lost but safe with God, made and started to use my own deodorant and love it, made and started to use my own dishwashing cubes, twisted my ankle, read a book in four days because it was a kindle loan and I only had seven days, found out that I was going to be a grandma for the first time and am still recovering from the joy, worked a lot,enjoyed our hammock once, went shopping in Lancaster, said good-bye to a dear lady, saw NOAH at the Sight and Sound Theater, had my first few life coaching sessions and discovered that I love it even more than I thought, got to sit on the Saylor’s porch, celebrated 33 years of marriage,

counted stars many times, went to a picnic or three, got too hot at night, resisted complaining about the rain, bought new patio furniture, expanded my extended family by two, interviewed a pastor, ate ice cream for dinner at least twice, met my godson and held him almost all day, helped my daughter move, met some of her friends and was a part of the 200 wineries challenge, went to a Thai restaurant, was the recipient of “Sneak-a-zucchini-on-your-neighbor’s-porch-day,”

cooked zucchini on the grill, grated zucchini, froze zucchini, broiled zucchini, went to a 4th of July picnic and watched kids giggle on their water slide, got my sweat on in my basement gym with my friends, hosted a couple of essential oil seminars,  called my mom, went to Montreal to visit family, listened to three audio books, daydreamed, took time to listen, learned to listen better, read the Word of God, wrote as much as I could, read a book in French, hosted a French Club dinner, did my first unassisted pull-up,

laughed out loud, bought real estate, did stuff afraid, slept in on a few Saturdays, gardened, went on my friends’ boat and loved it,

picked daisiesflowers, was given flowers, smelled flowers, admired flowers, thanked God for flowers, prayed and saw real miracles, rejoiced over miracles, got to know people better, sat and had coffee with an old friend, said “Thank You” every day and meant it, was disappointed, was delighted, visited my little buddy in the hospital, drank some really good wine, swam just twice, went to a Pirates game and they lost but I got a hat and it was fun, was given some cool body scrubs and enjoyed them in my shower, loved the smell of cigars, hated the smell of cigars, took a few road trips, ate almonds and discovered chicken burgers with feta (yum!), invented a lot of new workout classes, talked with strangers, had 19 boxes of CSA products in my garage every Thursday, ate fresh farm eggs, cooked with fresh farm eggs, marveled at the beauty and diversity of fresh farm eggs, did lots of laundry, made laundry soap, got some cool new shutters for my bathroom, was filled with pride when I considered my daughter’s ministry, was awe-struck at the kindness of God.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

one-thousand7#754 The sun warming my skin today

#755 Ripe tomatoes

#756 A new recipe success

#757 a great day at work

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