At Least One More

Turst in Him…

And in that context, three little words have been dancing in my life these last two years: Now, Deliberate and More. They have filled my tummy with joy and frustration, they have kept me awake at night, they have enticed me to go on, they have challenged me to live. To really, really live.

And then, my heart kind of let go of More a few months ago. It just happened as I got more involved with Now and Deliberate. I guess I was satisfied. I didn’t need more anymore. Good or bad.

But then one day, Janet made this comment on my blog: “God always has at least one more,” and those words pierced my heart. I got right back on the More wagon–God has at least one more… Did I hear her right?

Wake up, sleepy soul. God has at least one more.

jumpingOne more breath to take. One more smile to give. One more surprise to delight. One more broken heart to comfort. One more puddle to jump in. One more grace to run the race. One more joy to receive. One more challenge to overcome. One more victory around the corner. One more child to feed. One more year to experience Him. One more prayer to utter.

One more ripple to make.


As long as He permits breath in my body, God has at least one more.

Wake up, sleepy soul; God has at least one more. Don’t waste it.

one-thousand7Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#761 Road trip with my hubby! 

#762 Grace to trust Him with my business

#763 Time to try out a new recipe

#764 A great night’s sleep

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  1. This was super encouraging. I can think of some “one mores” that mean a lot. One more snuggle, one more morning, one more act of mercy, one more granting of grace. Thanks


  2. Barbara – you DID it! And it was GOOD! Now you’ve got me thinking about all the ‘one mores’…again. This was a great way to start my Wednesday!
    So proud of you!
    PS Thanks for the link, too!


  3. Oh wow. I love that thought. I’m rather grateful Janet left that comment on your blog and led you to write this. It has me thinking of all His one mores… He is just SO good. This has blessed me. Thank you for linking up for Three Word Wednesday. My three words were Trust in Him also!


  4. Great post – it’s easy to become too settled, get in a rut and fail to recognise where God is leading us next. It is a hard balance between satisfaction in the now and embracing the adventure of the more.
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions


  5. Hi, there!! Just wanted to let you know that your post is among this week’s featured, so will be shared on FB, Twitter, and pinned to pinterest. Be sure to visit tomorrow to help yourself to a featured button. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up. 🙂


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