There is the stage, and then, there is backstage. There is the story, and then, there is the story. And I am not quite sure which one matters most.

You read about the child receiving a new name, you heard how he was left at the doorstep of a building, and how he came from Africa, and a family in America fell in love with him.

And the story, it made you hold the boy in your heart. It made your heart grow in love with him. The story given to you, it erased lines that were in your heart, and it created room in you for a new kind of love. It might have even moved you to action.

The story, it changes us.

But so often, I wonder what happens to the people all around the edges of the story–before and after the story is told, and all the way in between?

His birth mother who dropped him off at the doorstep of the building, did she cry? Was she relieved? Tormented? And the people who fed him, diapered him, smiled at him, bathed him, spat at him, ridiculed him, giggled with him, hit him, wounded him–did they love him? Did they hate him? Were they indifferent to him?

All the ones that were part of his story before he came to America, they aren’t really a part of the boy’s middle of the story, they simply skate the edge silently. They slip through the words, they remain unnamed. Yet they frame the story we know, they are that which supports the Now. They made the story real.


The boy, he did not move to a different story; he simply left their story and entered the story of that family in America who fell in love with him. And he entered my story because I got to know him. And he entered yours because you read my words.



I want to continually be moved to join the dance of the story. Because in it we find the dance of humanity, and the dance says that we all somehow hold hands with one another.


Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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