Giggles and Simple Faith

Yesterday, God made me cry. And giggle all at once.

Faced with a very difficult life coaching session, I called on His name for wisdom. How could I reach my client best? What words should I use? I poured my less-than-confident heart before my King, and then I dropped it all right there at His feet, the doubts, the fears, the questions, the nervousness. And I began to worship Him.

Because no matter what, He is worthy. And right there in the middle of my worship, He whispered to me the perfect insight into my client’s heart, and I knew exactly what to do. It sounded bizarre, but I knew He had spoken, so I readied myself accordingly, silencing the yeahbuts screaming in my ear.

We had the best life coaching session ever, my client and I. And at the end, with tears in her eyes, she thanked me and said, “You did more in one hour than the last six month of psychotherapy I have had.”

I saw her out, and then I fell to my knees and cried. And giggled all at once. Because God is awesome. And amazing. And trustworthy. And every inch of me screamed “Thank You!” to my King, and I wanted to shout and sing, and dance, and worship. Because in a million years, I never could have done what God’s whisper in my ear did for her. Because I saw His heart loving her. Because He cared enough to give me specific directions. Because God is always right.

And I can trust Him.

And then, I remembered the leper who, “when he saw he was healed, came back praising God in a loud voice” (Luke 17:15), and I understood his moment of pure delight.

You just can’t stop the tears and giggles that God’s awesomeness produces.

And I remembered how children giggle when they revel in the moment of being loved, and how they gladly reach their little arms around the necks of those who care for them, freely expressing their gratitude and joy.

You just can’t stop the tears and giggles that Love produces.

When I grow up, I want to be just like a child, filled with tears and giggles.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann:

one-thousand7787 Knowing that I found the perfect gift for my grand’baby  

788 Being asked to do something I can’t do and not shying away because I serve a great God!

789 A clear October sky





  1. I work at the university and around many psychology students. I hear them talk about therapy and what they do, but never do I hear them talk of God and his part in all our lives. I truly think that your “life coaching” is God’s will for your life and that anyone that comes into your life in need is very blessed. I do believe in counseling, but perhaps Christian Counselors would be our best bet and even better yet, your life coaching …. It takes a special person and someone who has a relationship with God to be able to help others through Him. I appreciate all you do for others, just because I know it could change their lives for the better! There is a time in all our lives that life coaching would benefit our lives and the lives of others… God is good!


  2. Love the image of you falling to your knees in tears and laughter! Great reminder to thank God right when the blessings are realized!


  3. Dear Barbara
    This is such an good example of how our Pappa works! He never expected us to praise Him out of obligation; that would just be another form of “Thou Shalt”! No, He fills our hearts with His goodness, love, provision, joy, and we cannot then do otherwise than praise Him from the bottom of our hearts. Last week I experienced excruciating Fibro pain as well as a tooth abscess. Tears were running silently down my cheeks and I could feel our Pappa wiping them away. Oh, how can we not praise Him.
    Blessings XX


  4. I love this – it reminded me of when I first started teaching and college students would come to contest their grade. Before they came, I would pull down my bible and read Psalms over the meeting – they came in like lions and left like lambs. When we put Him in charge of the challenges – He always guides us right- and – yes – leaving us praising and giggling! Thank you for sharing this moment – beautiful blessing!


  5. Oh. Just love this. So excited to read about such a powerful testimony of a woman willing to lean on her God and a God so willing to pour into us exactly what we need.


  6. The fact that you returned to thank the Lord for the insight that he wispered to you, is a walk of grace. I am sure that even the angels also giggled as they watched your hour with your client. Thank you for sharing with us here at “Tell me a Story.”


  7. “Because no matter what, He is worthy.” Wish I could have seen this- the whole thing! I am so happy for you and your client- that your client has a life coach that listens and obeys the Lord is an amazing gift! God bless you!


  8. There’s so much that happens when we laugh… powerful stuff. No wonder the psalmist tells us that when God sees His enemies He laughs…

    Like you said, when I grow up I want to be a child and giggle so much more than I do now! I want that for today…
    Laughter changes the atmosphere and increases our well-being through the release of oxytocin. I think there is so much more laughter that is happening in heaven right now than we realize, and when we laugh – or praise – or worship – we enter in with the angels and saints of God.

    I think what I love best in your article is how much YOU were blessed in giving of yourself to your client. You felt you had nothing to give, but in HIM you just overflowed and it was like God himself touching your client. I love the exchange… the giving and receiving… and how each one of you is blessed! May God continue to pour in and through you, in greater and greater measure. I believe for more miracles of healing to flow through you!


  9. Barbara, You’re investing your life in the most important things — other people’s wholeness and health. I have a great admiration for you, Barbara Isaac. God bless you for all that you do.


  10. God has filled me with tears and giggles, too. Sometimes he knows just what we need when we don’t, like the right words to say to someone who turns to s for our insight and advice. Each day is a new day given to us by our Lord.


  11. […] And the next day, I do the only thing I know to do…I lace up my shoes, grab my ipod and go for a walk. And I tell Him all about my new hope, and how He can overcome the obstacles that stand in the way, and how my past does not define me and the reasons I should go forward. And He listens quietly. And when I have no more words, I walk silently until I feel a nudge to turn my music on. And God, He just appears right there in the notes and the words. And in song after song, He reminds me to thank Him. He reminds me to joy over Him. And song after song, my heart fills with a giggle and I can’t help but let it come right out of my mouth, and my face, it turns to the sun, and my mouth, it turns into a smile. And I walk with my head lifted and raise my hands in holy worship, and I exhale in joyful surrender.  […]


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