Mussel Gathering for Dummies

photo (3)So we go to sit on our favorite rock on the last day of our November Maine vacation, but the mucky ground all around is just full of mussels sticking their little shells half-way out of the dirt, and we can’t help but dig them out and fill our pockets with them. We even find a few clams. It’s exhilarating, invigorating, thrilling, because with every step and every sweep of our eye, we discover more of them, and our pockets are full and our hands are filthy, our fingers frozen. So we walk back to the house and dump the mussels in the sink, grab a yellow bucket and go right back.

The hunt is thrilling, and the more we look, the more we see. Like hidden gems waiting to be discovered. And the bucket is full and somehow it raises our joy level.

So we walk back to the house and add these treasures to the other ones and try to figure out how to transport them alive to Pennsylvania. We sit and google a while.

I go back out to my rock with my empty yellow bucket and visions of pounds and pounds of mussels brought back home and stories to tell. But I look and I look and all I find is one lonely clam. One.

photo (2)

The water is choppy and the air is cold, but the rock calls my name, so I try not to slip on the wet stone and I find a flatish spot to sit on. I sit and I ponder the awesomeness of God as I feast my eyes on the beauty all around. It just about takes my breath away. The water keeps lapping the rock and creeps higher and higher and I know that I have to get up soon to find some higher ground.

And the mussels, they’re all under the water, hidden by the tide. And the daylight is slowly fading away, and the rock, it is going to be covered with water soon.

And right there on the disappearing rock, the Lord speaks to me.

“I am the Lord who changeth not.”

And I see it. Whenever He pleases, He can hide the mussels and replace abundance with lack. And whenever He pleases, He can cover the rock with water, and He can transform day into night and turn the sky any color He wishes.

But God Himself, He never changes. He is who He was and who He ever will be. He is the same when I can’t gather the mussels fast enough, and when they are totally hidden.  He is the same when the rock is under the water and when it is a haven from the water. He is the same when the night is so dark that I can’t find my way and when the path is full of light. And this God who loves me, He can change the skies into a feast for my eyes.

He is the God who never changes. And just like that, on the disappearing rock, God fills my heart with grace.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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  1. Dear Barbara
    The fact that God always acts out of His character, which is not influenced by our actions, always assures me so much. Knowing that He loves me no matter what for He never changes. Nothing I do or don’t do will make Him love me less or more for He is perfect, as is His love!
    Blessings XX


  2. What a treat to gather a large bucket and then to realize that was enough because the water covered the rest of them. I loved your visit to the beach! Thank you for sharing with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”


  3. What a beautiful post to remind us that our God never changes, that He provides our needs and He is always present. It reminded me of the manna from heaven: gather just enough for that day… Many blessings to you dear Barbara xoxo


  4. MANY years ago, I liked to see the clams and other similar elements in the Northwest at Puget Sound or some of the ocean lakey/river areas. It was a treat then. Years ago Never have that chance any more. But when walking on the ocean beach, I always see the shells. And I smile. Glad you were so happy.


  5. Mama grew up in Bath, Maine and I have family there still. I love Maine and got rather caught up in the longing to be there alongside you while reading this.
    So thankful for our God who changes not, Who has no darkness or shadow in His great character.
    I’m next to you at Jennifer’s.


  6. Oh this was so good Barbara. He never changes. Amen! This beautiful reminder has given me a sense of peace that was needed this morning. Thank you for joining us for Three Word Wednesday.


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