They have been our faithful friends for more than thirty years. Together, our families have gone through being poor, a child’s divorce, a child’s painful choices, a literal house fire, weddings and births of grand-babies. We have cried, fought, giggled, sat in comfortable silence together.

And this week, his dad died.


And there isn’t much we can do to dull the pain of separation. The grieving is there, and his pain pains us.

But love shows up.

So we drove a few hours to be there while he said his good-bye. And we listened to many who honored the man who was his father. A man whose commitment to his family told his very story. A man who loved through the new generation, a man who shaped my friend to become who he is.

And as I sat and listened, I saw such profound beauty in the ordinary, and I felt proud to have known him just a bit, this man who just entered into heaven.

And as I sat and listened, I sensed such profound joy in being tucked into the family of man. The family of God. And I knew that my friend, he sensed it as well. And that sometimes, all love needs to do is to be there.

And love, it lets us see that the cycle of life, it is the same for all. And love, it causes us to understand that being there bears witness to solidarity. And commitment.

And love that shows up, it reminds that we might as well hold hands and join the dance together.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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