December 2013 Letter: Dear Bullies

December 2013 Letter: Dear Bullies,

bully 1You have been in the news an awful lot lately. And I bet you love it–being all talked about and all… But today, I have come to thank you. For real.

Thank you for aggravating me enough that I am now seriously angry angry at you. Thank you for rearing your ugly head just one too many times; I am so ready to dislodge you.

You’ve had a pretty high position in my life for too long. I have let you dictate what I do with my time, my money, my body, my choices. I have let you influence my moods, my sense of worth, my happiness.

Sometimes, you mascarade yourself as Fear. When you do, I have mostly cowarded, even down to changing my plans so I would not have to face you–like public speaking. Or parallel park. Or confront an issue.

I have pretended that your will was my desire. I have acted as though I did not mind, as though you knew best, as though I was thrilled.

But you have driven me into a corner one too many times. I am done being pushed around by you.  

bully 2

No more!

I am pushing back. With every ounce of me.

Thank you for teaching me the power of words. You have caused me to lose my strength with your evil words, and now I will cause you to lose your power over me with my words of truth. 

Thank you for showing me the power of persistence. You have almost crushed me to death with relentless pressure on my heart. I will destroy you until nothing of you is left to rear its ugly head at me. I will not quit until I win.

And today, dear bullies that I hate, I thank you for reminding me that who I am and what I have is worth fighting for; you wouldn’t work so hard at destroying it if it wasn’t. Thank you for waking me up to the beauty of my life.  


Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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  1. Barbara – What a powerful post! … “Thank you for teaching me the power of words. You have caused me to lose my strength with your evil words, and now I will cause you to lose your power over me with my words of truth.” ….. AMEN! May we cause those words to lose their power by wielding the sword of truth! Thank you for that reminder. Great post!


  2. It’s so interesting that we can recognize the power of words to tear down or encourage another person but we forget they hold the same power over ourselves. Great reminder to all of us to speak positively and kindly to ourselves! Thanks for linking up to Testimony Tuesday, Barb!


  3. Bullies really aren’t as powerful as they appear. It’s often that they use words so craftily to intimidate, knowing which ones will best trip us up. Yet the right words, in small quantities, wisely chosen, can knock *them* right off their high horses. Especially the powerful words of Truth in the Word of Truth. I think of Martin Luther’s lyrics, “One little will fell him,” referring to the biggest bully of all, the ultimate Accuser and Discourager! That Word itself will finally overcome all the bullies! Meanwhile we need to listen to the words of truth and strength ourselves, and not those of intimidation. Yes, you go, girl!


  4. A powerful post. I had a friend who did a great job of manipulating me with her words. She’s not in my life anymore though I think about what I would say if she ever showed up again.

    Thank you for sharing this post at Motivation Monday.


  5. This is a beautiful reminder to not allow those negative thoughts, (those bullies) keep us from doing what we are called to do. The scriptures tell us to be bold and to understand that we are not alone and that we are also equipped with his sword to take down those enemies. Thank you for sharing with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”


  6. Oh so good! Joining Lauren in cheering “YES!” Loved this, “…you wouldn’t work so hard at destroying it if it wasn’t.” So true isn’t it? Such a great letter. Thanks for sharing with Three Word Wednesday.


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