My husband, he just knows how to live life. Very, very well.

My husband, he is just an ordinary man who lives loudly when necessary, quietly most of the time. Day in and day out, he chooses love. While living, working, laughing, breathing, being.

And I have been given a front-row seat to watch him do it.

My husband, he lives with no pretenses, through all the good, the bad and the very bad. He laughs loud, enjoys the moments with no guilt, smiles at children, and reaches out to the hurting. This is how he breathes.

And when I lose my footing and feel like I am drowning, and I don’t know where to turn and don’t even know how to explain how I feel, he takes me by the hand and makes me go out on the rock there where the Maine ocean starts, and he tells me to sit down and drink in the sunset.

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And then he goes to work and simply works, day in and day out. And he seeks no praise but the pleasure of obeying His God. Of knowing God’s pleasure.

And when life swallows me and I forget to breathe, he simply makes me stop and wraps himself around me. And he reminds me of the God I serve. He tells me to just take the next step on the road. Just one step. And his words, they make sense to my anxious heart, and they have a way of settling me.

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I am a blessed woman.

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