Critters and Sunrises and the Lessons They Teach

Did you ever take the time to really look at a critter down there, in the blades of grass?

Did you notice the symmetry? The perfect little legs? Their eyes?

And the flowers? Exact geometric patterns that repeat themselves forever seemingly. Oh, the flowers…

And the sunrises; did you look at any lately?

They are all perfect. Every single day. Whether I see them or not. Whether they are over the ocean or the city. Just perfect.

And the sunrise, it happens over and over again, every single day. Day in and day out, with just enough time difference to let the seasons happen. To let night time come when it needs to. And the morning after an exact amount of minutes all planned out since the Creation.

And what about the stars?

Constellations, masterfully orchestrated.

Perfect, consistent order in nature.

No wonder I crave order.

No wonder I get all discombobulated when my life is chaotic. When my schedule is out of order. When my body is thrown into irregularity. When my mind is all over the place. When my soul has lost its rhythm.

God is a God of order. It’s just that simple. And that confronting. And that powerful.
So, dear Soul, what are you going to do about it?

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

one-thousand7#820 Cabbage Soup

#821 Knowing that I did a good job

#822 My kids coming for dinner

#823 Prayer with my sisters

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  1. Beautiful Barbara! No images, but my heart’s eyes got a glimse of the whole world!

    Blessings not only through order by chaos as well!


  2. Beautiful observations. I never thought about that before, but you’re right. And the little bugs think that their world is the entire world. We’re kind of like that. We think our world, and whatever concerns us, is all-important. But Papa looks at us from His perspective and sees so much more. I love that.

    Have a great day!


  3. We have huge, flying roaches in Texas. They prefer the outdoors, but one of these lovelies ended up on the kitchen counter. I had a newspaper in hand ready to smash it, and the little monster turned its head at me. We were eye to eye. In that moment, I thought about how intricately God made those little creatures. Then, WHOP! I killed it. He also says to subdue the earth. Loved your post and photos.


  4. My three daughters look at the world this way, and it’s such a great perspective check. We’ve talked before about how God made each of the (sometimes scary-looking) creatures that live at the very bottom of the ocean – even though no one ever really sees them – for His own delight, and so that we can marvel at how creative He is!

    Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing beauty this morning. I found you at the Raising Mighty Arrows link-up, and I’m grateful for it 🙂


  5. Beautiful! I love this post. Our God is awesome!
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions


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