Dear soon-to-be Momma(who is already a mother by the way),

Motherhood is certainly the  most wonderful, exciting, rewarding job in the entire world.

But motherhood, it’s also the hardest, most difficult, most humbling, least desired job in the whole wide world.

Oh, it’s not the tiredness, the sleepless nights, the bottomless pit of laundry and dishes and cooking and spills and screams and late night talks and first dates and car bumps and emergency room visits… Those, you can always deal with.

The tough part of motherhood is the utter helplessness. And as I look at you, dear Mother-just-about-ready-to-hold-your-bundle-of-joy, I know that I won’t be able to spare you that pain–and my heart breaks for you.

One of my own bundle of joy was diagnosed with diabetes and almost died. I begged God to let me trade places with her, but He would not let me. And I watched her turn into skin and bones, and then I watched her deal with stuff nobody wants to deal with. And I was so painfully helpless.

And I learned that self-sufficiency has no value in the Kingdom.

And when my grown up son came home to tell us that his wife was leaving him because she called herself gay, and he was so broken-hearted that we feared for his life, I laid awake at night for what seemed like days, calling on the name of the Lord, unable to breathe for the pressure around my heart. Utterly helpless.

And helplessness is the worse feeling in the whole world when your kids hurt.

So yes, motherhood is the most painful job on the earth.

Yet it is that very helplessness makes it the best job on the earth.

Because motherhood, it is a call to live not by our ability, but by His. Motherhood is a call to a relationship with Jesus.

And over the years to come, sweet Momma, you will find places where you are unable to help your little one. Over and over again. And you find your desperate heart reaching out to your God for help. And that is the best part about being a mother—this utter need for Jesus.

And through this sweet intimacy with the King of the Universe, you will be a wonderful Momma–a Momma who is more and more like Jesus who did not do anything apart from His Father.

And you’ll never be able to brag about being a good Momma. Because you’ll know down to your toes that motherhood, it’s really a relationship-with-Jesus-thing. For it’s only in His Presence that you find grace to do it right, wisdom to deal with the unimaginable, joy to be obedient even if it means allowing your children to suffer the consequences of their actions.

This intimacy with Jesus, sweet Momma, it will teach you that He always tells the truth, even if it’s hard to swallow. It will teach you that apart from Him, you can do nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing!

Motherhood is really a blow to pride and flesh.

But motherhood, it is God’s wonderful way of making women of God out of us. Women who grow in understanding that they can’t do the job apart from God; that they cannot afford to depend on themselves; that they must choose His presence on a daily basis.

And at the end, God won’t even let any of us Mommas take any credit for the good work He did through us. Because true motherhood, it is becoming a reflection of Jesus Himself.

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