And I am sitting there, in the waiting room, while my sweet daughter-in-law is working so hard next door, trying to push her baby into our world. That little girl, she is stubborn, and she just doesn’t want to come quite yet. But her Momma’s body is ready, and we are all ready, and the pushing gets more intense,yet the baby, she just won’t come.

And I am sitting next door, with my hands and my eyes fixed to my phone, waiting for the next text.

Please pray. They think they might need a C section. Really really really don’t want one.” And so we do, and my stomach is in knots, and I sweat buckets even though it’s freezing out here. And I can hardly breathe. Come on, baby girl, come on…

And right there, in the middle of the waiting room, the Lord speaks to me and reminds me of what He shared with me just four days ago, that my weapon of choice for 2014 would be REST. Needed to be REST. And He reminds me that I agreed with Him, and I would practice using that weapon, because I believe that He is God and He knows best.

So I take a deep breath and I use REST with all there is in me as my weapon of choice to do well.

“Keep praying,” the text reads. I relax my fingers and I hum in victory. And the minutes turn into one hour, and then two. And I choose to let rest rule. Because God is only good. And faithful. And He knows the best way to get this little girl into our world.

Close but painful.” I will my breathing to settle in view of God’s faithfulness. And the minutes still stretch, and I make the choice to rest. Every.Single.Second.

“She’s here.”

And God wins. I burst into tears of overwhelming joy.

my emm