So the cute boy asked me to go for a walk with him in the snowy woods, and it did not feel odd because I loved the woods, and I loved walking, yet my heart fluttered a bit when he picked me up. And we walked and we walked and we talked and we talked. And every so often, we were just silent. And the silent was oh so comfortable.

“Well hello there!” I heard an old man say. I looked up, and right in front of me there was an elderly couple, both wrapped up in coats and scarfs and hats and gloves. Their eyes were kind, and they smiled.

“Nice day for a walk!” he said.

“Yes!” we both replied.

And we kept on walking. And we kept on talking. And my heart kept on fluttering a bit. Or a lot.

The snow was deep and the walking was slow. We breathed hard, and we stopped talking a while, but the silence was lovely.

“Well, hello there!” I heard the same voice say. I looked up and saw the old couple once again, all bundled up and wearing their smiles.

In the two hours that we walked in the woods, we saw them one more time. And we saw no one else.

Then the sun began its descent, and my wet feet felt quite cold–time to find our way out of the snowy woods. But we were lost. Utterly lost.

We decided to follow our footprints back.

And that’s when we noticed it: the soles of our shoes matched exactly the soles of the elderly couple’s shoes–same tread, same female size, same male size…. which made the tracking of our own way back impossible.

We walked for what felt like hours. And we laughed and we talked and we discussed life and the future. And right there on that walk, I knew that he would become my husband.


And the other day, we went out in the snow, me and this man to whom I have been married for almost thirty-four years. And I had on a heavy coat, and he had a hat and we both had scarves and gloves on.

And I broke into a huge smile, remembering that couple, and thinking how we somehow strangely look like them now, with our extra wrinkles and smiles and coats and scarves and gloves and hats.

And I remember the tread of their shoes being the same ones as ours. And I wonder about them walking through the snow, probably walking together through life for very many years before we met them, and how we were just starting on our journey together…. and today, we are so much like they were.

Many times, I have wondered whether maybe, just maybe they were angels sent by God to bring us closer to each other through that long walk in the woods… And I wonder in awe about God’s marvelous ways.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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